5 Tips to Help Make Cooking Easier

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5 Tips to Help Make Cooking Easier

1.        Learn Basic Knife Skills:

Prior to beginning with your cooking experience, it is necessary to know that how to hold a knife. Knife is supposed to be injurious kitchen-apparatus; however, you should first learn how to use it for chopping the vegetables and other meaty products.

2.       Ways to Keep Your Cutting Board from Slipping:

For the purpose of safety, do not forget to keep your cutting board on right place. You should click on the above incorporated link for learning the basics of cutting board placement.   

3.       How to Tell When Oil is Hot :

Though in summer, we do not use high heat cooking yet we suggest you that heat the oil to fullest extent.

4.       When and How to Deglaze a Pan:

It must be in your mind that the first step of cooking is to browning the meat or sautéing the chopped vegetables.  When we cook the food, it happens to be stuck with the pan. This is what we call fond.  At this situation, we turn out to be nervous and ruin our dish. Don’t worry. This is the time of using your nose.  When you smell that the dish is being rightly cooked and there is no smell, then you are on the right track. Hence, for deglazing always add cup of water or any other liquid you wish to.

5.       What it Means to “Salt to Taste”:

In cooking we generally use salt for reducing bitter flavors and for a different taste.  When you are cooking a dish never taste salt at early stage. Unless other flavors are not coming through, you would not be able to gauge the amount of salt, you poured in the dish. Hence, always taste salt when you are almost done with the cooking.

Cooking Tips5 Tips to Help Make Cooking Easier

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