Top 10 Cooking Tips

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Top 10 Cooking Tips

1.        Keep the colors and nutrients in veggies.  Cook them fast by stir-frying or steaming.

2.       Try to use fresh vegetables like vinegar, onions, tomatoes, herbs etc.  If you are patient of blood pressure or high cholesterol, it is necessary for you to use low-fat or fat-free sauces.

3.       If you are working and facing shortage of time, it would be better to cook once a week. When you cook your meals, freeze them as per your required servings. Try to use Oven when you wish to eat the frozen meals. Oven would keep intact the taste of your ready-made meals.

4.        If you are looking for shakes, Smoothie would be best option for you.  This shake is really fresh and healthy. If you have frozen or fresh fruits use them for the Smoothie shake.  It can be served up to 5 persons.

5.       Most of the seasonings are very salty. Salt is the root cause of high blood pressure. However, replace salt with some spices or herbs. It would be good if you use salt-free seasonings. Besides, for better taste and flavor, you should use hot chilies, lemon juice and citrus zest.

6.       Preserved, processed and canned vegetables often contain high sodium content. Therefore, always look for low-sodium vegetables for good health. If you have already purchased the canned vegetables, put them in the cold water for reducing the amount of sodium.

7.       Prepare breads and muffins with less saturated fat. If you wish to remain healthy, it is necessary to intake small amount of calories on daily basis. Besides, use three ripe, well mashed bananas rather than half cup of butter.

8.       Whole grain is thousands times better than the refined products. Hence, use whole cornmeal, oatmeal, and whole-wheat flour. When you prepare a recipe, try to minus 1 cup of whole-wheat flour or minus half amount of recommended flour.

9.       If you are baking, always use low-fat yogurt and fat-free or low-fat sour cream.

10.   Last but not the least, if you intend to reduce more amounts of calories from your recipe, try to use skim milk or fat-free milk.

Cooking TipsTop 10 Cooking Tips

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