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We are passionate about cooking all types of food. Cooking can bring people of different ages and backgrounds together. We love preparing and cooking tacos, pasta, homemade pizza, and many other dishes! We also like grilling steaks, hamburgers, fish, etc. Our inspiration to cook came from all of us taking home ec classes in middle school and high school, and we found ourselves always cooking and baking for friends and family. Over the years, we have learned many recipes from friends, family, the internet, and TV cooking programs. Check out our website for family cooking tips that you can utilize when you are cooking dinner for your family on Thursdays, or any other day of the week! Our cooking, baking, and grilling tips will help you whether you are cooking for a few people (i.e. a romantic date night with your husband/wife and yourself), your immediate family, or even a large gathering of people (i.e. a birthday party with many of your friends and family members).