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Do You Have a Couple of Winter Golf Outings Planned?


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The first frost warning in the midwest happened this week.
Snow has started to arrive in the Rocky mountains and other higher elevations in the country.
As the cold weather approaches a number of Americans are ready to temporarily relocate to the warmer places in the country. In search of the U.S. golf association’s best golf course locations, Americans spend weekend trips and in some cases entire months in places that allow them to enjoy the warmer weather and to use their golf equipment year round.
Do You and Your Spouse Like to Travel to Warm Weather Golfing Locations in the Winter?
Whether you are an avid golfer who is on the path to playing at all of the courses listed on the U.S. Golf Association’s top spots, or you are simply looking for affordable public golf courses to play, visiting a warm weather location in the middle of winter can be a real treat.
In addition to getting you to warmer locations, a golfing vacation can also provide plenty of exercise as well. In fact, a 175-pound man can burn as many as 460 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of play. On a nine-hole course, a golfer can walking as many as 2.5 miles. Are you already making plans to continue your golf game even after the temperatures start to fall? If you love to play golf year round, now is the perfect time to make your plans so that you can get tee times on golf courses around the country.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the golf industry and the number of participants that this sport attracts:

  • As early as the year 1900 there were more than 1000 golf clubs in America.
  • Although once considered a male sport, as many as 23% of professional golfers are female.
  • While many golfers like to invest in the latest golfing equipment, the fact remains that a maximum of 14 clubs is all that is allowed in a player?s bag at one time during a stipulated round.

Before you have to start turning on the furnace in your home, maybe it is time for you to spend some effort lining up the warm weather golf locations that you would like to visit this winter.

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