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Health Benefits And History Of America’s Favorite Snack!


Recipes using hummus

What kind of spread do you put together for a party, sleepover or movie night? Some people are fans of popcorn, while others simply order out from a popular restaurant. Even more turn to their favorite guacamole brands to create their favorite dips for chips, bread and more. Avocado and hummus are not just incredibly delicious, they’re healthy and a source of important proteins. Keep reading to learn about the history of hummus, its numerous health benefits and some easy recipe ideas for you to try!

History Of Hummus

Everybody knows hummus now, but how did it become such a hit with food lovers all over the world? Well, the hummus recipe has been traced back to the 13th century in various Middle Eastern and African countries. Chickpeas, the base of most hummus recipes, was thought to be one of the earliest vegetables ever cultivated. The earliest known discovery of chickpeas was all the way back in 3,000 B.C.!

Healthy And Delicious

Did you know that the majority of Americans don’t eat their daily required intake of vegetables? You should eat at least one cup of vegetables every day in order to get your necessary amount of vitamins, with beans requiring about half a cup daily to be satisfactory. To top it off, just two spoonfuls of hummus a day will fulfill your bean requirement and get you on the fast track to avoiding common illnesses like diabetes and heart disease! So, what kind of hummus recipe sounds right for you?

Fun And Easy Recipes

Now that you know about the health benefits and history of this favorite snack food, what kind of quick recipes can you use? Some hummus mixes use various herbs, such as cilantro, to add flavor while other recipes use pepper and garlic to create some spice. Basil pesto hummus is a popular combination and you can even toss in a little cheese or olives to create different flavors of hummus! While popular guacamole brands are staples at many a party, hummus dips are fast becoming the go-to option for those that want health and flavor in one tasty package.

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