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Mobile Coffee Vans … Easy Way to Own a Business


Mobile espresso van

In today’s economy, opening and owning a business and becoming your own boss seems like a farfetched idea to many. It may be true that although opening a business and making it a success can be rewarding, the cost and red tape are enough to discourage anyone who is determined to see their dream come true. However, there are better and easier ideas for a successful business, which would not make a huge dent in your savings nor require you to have to accumulate debt to be free of the regular nine-to-five schedule.
Coffee shops have a 7% annual growth rate worldwide, making it one of the fastest growing industries; and mobile coffee vans are simply a vehicle fitted with the all the machinery, ancillary equipments and paraphernalia that are found in a regular coffee shop. The only difference is that they drive around, instead of just being static in one spot.
Why Mobile Coffee Franchise?
– Low Start-up Cost: Mobile coffee vans can be opened and operated at a very low cost when compared to opening your own coffee shop.
– Growing Market: An estimated 14 billion espresso coffees are consumed each year worldwide, and that number is only going to go up by leaps and bounds.
– Advantage of the Brand Name: When you are franchising, you have the benefit of an existing and successful name that is easily recognizable by your customers.
– High Profit Margins: When it comes to profit margins, there are very few products that even come close to coffee; a coffee van franchise can offer up to a 95% profit margin.
– Coffee Sells all Year: Coffee is a year-round product, which does not depend on any external factor, such as weather or holiday.
How do I Benefit from A Mobile Coffee Van Franchise?
Training: Starting a business and making it a success is not easy. It requires lot of trial and error, learning and adapting, and constant self motivation. However, when starting a mobile coffee franchise business, you are given all the required training on operating the machinery, which equipment is best, making coffee, and managing the people you hire.
Ready Customer Base: A recognizable brand name always has a loyal customer base, which would be available to you the moment you start operating; you do not have to go through the hassle and expense of advertising and marketing to attract new customers.
Flexibility: With a mobile coffee shop franchise, you decide your own schedule. You can work at your own pace, and decide when and where you want to set up shop. If business seems slow in one area, you have the option to change your location. This kind of flexibility is not found while operating a traditional shop or business.
Do make sure that you conduct thorough research before deciding which brand name to choose. Also, the area where you plan to sell should not be populated with a lot of other mobile coffee vans.

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