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3 Reasons to Use a Coffee Provider for Businesses at Your Office


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Do you work in an office every day? If you do, you probably know the struggle of trying to get up, ready, and out the door in time in the morning. When you want to make your morning cup of coffee and enjoy it before work, this can add some unnecessary stress to your day. Trying to drink coffee in the car on the way to work doesn?t usually prove to be successful. Luckily, some companies actually use a coffee provider for businesses to offer coffee services for offices. Maybe the coffee provider for businesses delivers office coffee cups, an office coffee machine, and other office coffee supplies. This provides all the employees the opportunity to enjoy their cup of coffee when they get to work.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of having a coffee provider for businesses at your office? Keep reading for more information about how drinking coffee makes employees more productive during the work day.

3 Reasons to Use a Coffee Provider for Businesses at Your Office

It?s the little things that can improve an office and make it an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for employees. By adding a convenient coffee service in the office, employees could experience a range of benefits to help make them even more dedicated to their work and their job. Here are three benefits of offering coffee and tea at work.

1. Coffee makes employees more productive

Studies show that employees who consume coffee are oftentimes more productive throughout the work day. In fact, across the United States, nearly 50% of workers actually rely on coffee to do this for them. They know that when they go to work, drinking coffee will make the more productive as they complete their daily tasks. Otherwise, they may feel sluggish, move at a slower pace, and not think as clearly.

They could opt for other caffeinated beverages, but usually these other options are high in calories or sugar which isn?t good for anyone?s health. If your employees have to do anything related to writing, editing, or research, it?s interesting to note that many people state they often identify words and phrases at a quicker pace when they drink coffee.

2. Coffee station builds community

If you add a coffee station at the office, it allows employees some time to get to know one another. When everyone comes into work in the morning, they can spend some time talking with each other as they make their coffee and drink it before sitting down at their desks for the day.

In addition, for those that drink coffee periodically throughout the day, a coffee station is a great way to take a little break from work in the middle of the day. Most people are actually more focused and quicker at getting their work done the right way when they know they have a break coming up. The app Desktime actually did a study with results showing people who work for 52 minutes and take 17 minute breaks are the most productive in the office.

3. Coffee has long-lasting effects

Unlike a soda which may give temporary energy resulting in a sugar crash, coffee has longer-lasting effects that can truly benefit employees at work. The effects of drinking coffee can last up to six hours, according to the FDA. If someone comes in and drinks a cup or two during the first hour of work, that means their productivity should span the length of the work day. All-in-all, coffee in the morning can help improve an employee’s memory, lead to higher cognitive performances, help with keeping employees concentrated, and help keep energy levels up in the brain. So, your coffee drinkers at work are likely performing better throughout the day than those who choose to drink other caffeinated beverages instead.

Do you think you will add a coffee station with all the necessary coffee supplies in your office? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on building an office environment that is enjoyable for employees.

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