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4 Tips for Increasing Your Farming Sales


Bulk meat packages

Are you a local farmer that enjoys what you do, but are finding it harder and harder to make a profit? While local farmers once were the primary source of meat sales, they are finding competition among larger grocery chains today. Succeeding in the local farming business today requires stepping outside of the box and finding unique ways to increase sales.

Market with local grocery stores
While you might find it difficult to sign up with a large chain, there are still many small town grocery stores around. People tend to prefer supporting small business owners over larger chains. If you can market with local grocers, you can increase your sales and your profits. However, in order to provide value to a local grocer, you will have to offer them some type of benefit. This could be exclusivity or discounted prices. It is not always a bad thing to provide discounted prices, especially if you know they will be purchasing from you in bulk.

Sell your product to individual customers
You do not always have to put your product in a grocery store to sell it. There are many consumers who are willing to purchase directly from the local farmer. Selling to your individual consumer allows buyers to know exactly where their foods are coming from. This is a huge advantage in today?s times, when many foods are accused of being frozen and enhanced with harmful substances. Your buyers will also purchase from you to cut out the middle cost of the local grocery store. You can sell to them in bulk, saving both of you costs.

Sell your product online
The internet has significantly increased shopping abilities. Small businesses can now use the internet to expand their customer base. In previous years, it would not make sense to sell your meats to a customer many states away. Shipping methods were slow and by the time the meat arrived to them, it would be spoiled. Today, however, shipping methods are much faster and cost efficient. Online meat sales are a great way to produce additional income. Additionally, as you offer online meat sales, you are introducing your product to an entirely new market of customers. You could even sign on new grocery chains with your online meat sales.

Sell in bulk
Meat bundles are a great choice for both the farmer and the consumer. When you buy meat in bulk, the customer receives a discount on the meats and the shipping costs. When you, the farmer, sells bulk meat online or bulk meat packages locally, you can also save money on packaging and shipping. Bulk meat packages benefit almost everyone involved. In 2007, the production of meat animals was responsible for $66 billion in added value to the U.S. economy. Much of the profit from these meat purchases and sales came from bulk sales. The livestock big four are cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep, although other types of meat sales are also included in these numbers.

Local farmers face many challenges today that they did not, years ago. According to the National Cattlemen?s Beef Association, there are currently 913,246 total cattle and calf operations in the U.S. Each of these meat operations are competitors to the local farmer. Farmers need to find alternative selling methods to remain successful in today?s times. Some great selling options include marketing with local grocers, selling products online, always selling in bulk, and selling products to local consumers individually. Online meat sales are the future and farmers that want to remain successful will have to adapt their sales methods to include it.

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