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4 Uses for Edible Flowers


What are microgreens

Similar to microgreens, edible flowers are vibrant and many can have a fresh taste. Edible flowers that are grown in sunlight with plenty of space will have a more vibrant color and taste than those grown in artificial lighting, so it’s best to ensure you are buying from a reliable source. There are many uses for edible flowers, many that you may not have even thought of. If you’d like to find out more, read on.

One use for edible flowers is in cocktails. Edible flowers, when placed on the rim of, or inside the cocktail, can take any cocktail to the next level. Depending on the flower and on the cocktail, the edible flower petals can also be blended or crushed to enhance the flavor of the cocktail.

Edible flowers can also be used to enhance many teas. Again, edible flowers can make a tea look beautiful, but it can also be used in other ways. In fact, you can actually use edible flowers as tea. If you love tea with floral tones, you will want to consider making your own tea out of edible flowers. There are many recipes for teas using edible flower petals online so do your research and try one that sparks your interest!

Another way of using these flowers is in salads. Not only do they add color and vibrancy to your salad, they also add a unique texture and fresh flavor. You will want to pair these edible flowers with a dressing that is not overpowering, as sometimes the flower flavor can clash with the dressing. The best way to master this is simply to try different options. If one flower doesn’t taste good with one dressing, try another flower or try another dressing. It’s also best to start with a small amount of edible flower petals, as you do not want to have an overwhelming taste, or upset your stomach by eating too much of something new.

Cake Decorating
You can also use edible flowers for cake decorating. I’m sure that you’ve seen cakes decorated with flowers made of frosting, but if you want to make your cake truly elegant, edible flowers will make a statement. Edible flowers are typically not expensive so this is a great way to decorate a plain cake and make it look fancier.

Ice Cubes
One use that you may not have thought of for edible flowers is in ice cubes. If you’re having a spring party and want your food to match the theme, consider freezing small, edible flower petals in your ice cube tray. It’ll add color to any drink while giving off the essence of springtime. Make sure that the flowers will compliment your drink flavor as your ice melts. In other words, try your drink with the flowers in it to make sure the flavor is not negatively affected.

Do you have any other uses for edible flowers? What types of edible flowers do you like in your cocktails? As tea? Let us know in the comments!

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