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6 Surprisingly Delicious Suggestions for Using Salsa


Salsa calories

What is salsa good on? The first answer that comes to mind, probably, is tortilla chips, and there’s no arguing that’s a favorite combination for good reason. But what is salsa good with besides chips? There are a surprising number of answers you might not have thought of. Here are six suggestions you might never have tried:

  1. Eggs

    If you’ve had huevos rancheros, then you already know how delicious the combination of fried eggs and chili sauce can be. But for a slightly more refined version, try fresh pico de gallo salsa dips on top of poached eggs or scrambled egg whites.

  2. Sandwiches or Burgers

    Salsa can be the perfect way to add both much-needed moisture and flavor to a sandwich or burger while staying away from the calories mayo-based sauces contain. Spread directly on bread just as you would other condiments.

  3. Potatoes

    The next time you’re craving garlic mashed potatoes, use roasted garlic salsa in your recipe rather than garlic butter; you’ll save some calories and get a little extra spice, as well. Even fried potatoes taste delicious when dipped in a creamy salsa, which works somewhat like a spicy ketchup.

  4. Salad

    Salads often aren’t as healthy or low in calories as you’d expect once you drizzle (or more realistically, pour) on the dressing. But salsa can serve the same purpose of adding flavor to boring lettuce, and there are so many different types of salsa that you might never get bored of salad for lunch.

  5. Pizzas

    If you love pizza but get tired of greasy delivery food, try a raw homemade version that you can make faster than the pizza guy can get to your house (to make this meal even easier, use a pre-made crust). Replace traditional tomato sauce with salsa, then pile on fresh chopped veggies. If you want your base sauce to be a bit creamier, mix one part salsa with one part sour cream.

  6. Meat and Fish

    Salsa is an easy way to spice up a main dish, pairing particularly well with grilled meats and fish. Experiment with both cooked and fresh salsas to figure out which textures pair best with your favorites. Don’t forget about salsas including fruit, either, as sweet flavors such as mango and peach can complement many dishes.

Do you have any unusual recipes using salsa? Share them with other readers using the comments section below.

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