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8 Questions to Ask When Looking for A Wedding Venue


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Are you looking for outdoor wedding places? If you’re in a need of unique wedding places, you are certainly already thinking about making the wedding a moment everyone will remember. Finding the right places to have a wedding reception is important as well. Recent statistics show that 35% of America’s weddings are now typically held outdoors. The average wedding ceremony and reception budget now run to over $28,000, so it’s important to find the right places for wedding receptions. With the amount of money being expended on venues, it’s crucial that you get just the right place. If you’re looking at places to have a wedding, here are some important questions you need to be asking at all outdoor wedding places:

  1. What dates are the outdoor wedding places available, and how many people can each accommodate? This is a basic, easy question and should be used to winnow down your choices to make it easier to ask follow-up questions.
  2. What is the fee, what exactly does that include, what is the deposit, and is the deposit refundable? This can also help you narrow down your choices quickly and easily. If a place is wildly out of your budget, toss it out. If it’s suspiciously less expensive than other venues, find out why. If it’s just over your budget, decide how much you love it when you think about going further. Also, it doesn’t hurt to find out if there are discounts for weekday weddings or dates during the off-season.
  3. What do you do when weather interferes?
  4. How much can you move things around, and are there any restrictions on how you can decorate? This is especially important to find out if you want to use real candles, or if you plan a December wedding. Your beautiful wedding decorations may clash with their holiday theme.
  5. What services can they provide? Outdoor wedding places will differ in their policies, but some of the things you might want to ask about include coat check service, valet parking, catering, heated/air conditioned spaces for mingling, and whether they have their own on-site coordinator and security services.
  6. What about the food? Food is important even at the most romantic wedding places, so find out whether they provide food or not, whether you can bring your own cake, and if there are fees for bringing your own cake or alcohol. Are they licensed to provide alcohol, and are there kitchen facilities if they don’t have their own in-house catering?
  7. Can you bring or play any music you like? Some outdoor wedding places will have restrictions on what type of music you can use or a cut off time when all music has to stop. You might also want to know if the place can accommodate a live band or not.
  8. Can they provide any signage? Some outdoor wedding places are wonderfully remote, and that’s actually part of the charm. This also means it can be tricky navigating all the guests to the right place.

One last tip. Whatever outdoor wedding places you finally end up using, be sure to get everything in writing. Always remember that until you’ve signed a contract and paid a deposit, you probably haven’t officially reserved the venue. Ask them in advance about every single thing you’ll need to bring in order to finalize everything, and then be sure you read the entire contract. Once you’ve read it, read it again just to make sure. Then you’ll be ready to hold the wedding of your dreams at the perfect outdoor wedding spot.

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