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Are Carbon Steel Products Better Than Stainless Steel?


Metal working is a skill that takes years to master. So, that’s the key to finding any good type of steel. Craftsmanship will always matter when it comes to carbon steel products. When it comes to knives, there are a few key differences between carbon steel and stainless steel.

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In the end, it will all be based on your preference. All steel is made out of iron and a small amount of carbon, but adding other metals will change what type of steel you have.

Carbon steel is made out of only iron and carbon. There are some advantages to it. For example, it’s easy to sharpen and it has great edge retention. On the other hand, it can eventually rust or change colors due to oxidation.

Stainless steel is basically the direct opposite of carbon steel. Stainless steel is iron, carbon, and chromium. The chromium allows the steel to stay its original color. It will not oxidize or rust. But, it is not as easy to sharpen and it doesn’t have the best edge retention as carbon steel. At the end of the day, when choosing between stainless and carbon steel products, you have to decide where your priorities lie.


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