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Best Brunch Foods From Around the World


The idea of eating breakfast for lunch has become more and more popular with time. Now, brunch is being celebrated around the world with many unique and delicious foods. It seems like every region of the world is doing brunch in their own way with their own local and traditional recipes.

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If you are curious what people are eating for brunch, check out this video.

Londoners are known for their hardy breakfasts. However, can you guess what they eat for brunch? A particularly tasty British brunch is a breakfast bowl made out of bread with egg and bacon melted on top and inside. In Malaysia, it gets a little bit more spicy. They eat fried egg sandwiches. These toasty and crispy sandwiches are served in a sandwich roll with spicy sauce.

In the States, people are eating a variety of unique brunch foods. For example, you can get pancake rolls. These are pancakes in the shape of cinnamon rolls. They are drizzled with glaze and maple syrup. Elsewhere in the States, people are eating pancake covered bacon on a stick. It is truly incredible what kinds of delicious food people can create.


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