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Building Profits One Cup at a Time


Ice cream store supplies

June is the month with the highest production of ice cream, and frozen desserts are enjoyed by 90% of United States households throughout the year. Those involved in the frozen dessert industry have capitalized on these factors and expanded beyond ice cream to include frozen yogurt and gelato in manufacturing, distribution and retail operations.

Those concerned with calorie intake may opt for frozen yogurt or gelato instead of ice cream. There were 2582 frozen yogurt stores in the nation as of December 31, 2015 and gelato is making significant gains in the industry. Gelato has lower milkfat than ice cream with only 3 to 8% and a post churning air content of 25 to 30%.

Pack It Up

While having a quality gelato product is vital to success in the frozen dessert industry, having the proper Gelato cups and other packaging and serving supplies also play a significant role to operating a profitable business.

The gelato cups should be strong enough to withstand the industrial manufacturing process and have an appealing look to consumers. They may be packaged with spoons and the design may be coordinated with the retailer or ice cream shop logos.

Paper or Plastic

An ice cream shop operator may select paper or plastic gelato cups. Both products may be obtained from vendors that sell ice cream store supplies. A shop may use personalized ice cream cups for gelato or frozen yogurt. A retailer may opt to order sample spoons for to give shoppers an opportunity to taste the store’s frozen desserts.

Look at the Cost

One factor to consider in choosing and ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato cups is the cost per cup. This figure must be calculated into the cost of the food product and can be used to calculate the final selling price of the product. The cup must be durable and yet, inexpensive enough so as to not cut into the projected profit per units of product sold.

One must also look at the added cost of colored spoons or personalized gelato cups and decide if such additional expense is justified.

Get the Scoop on a Profitable Business

The frozen dessert industry is growing with 1.5 billion gallons of product produced in the United States each year. But great product needs the proper packaging and serving utensils. A reputable vendor is also important to the success of your business. Any number of vendors can sell plastic gelato cups, sample spoons and other ice cream shop supplies. But you must select a vendor who not only provides great products at reasonable prices but also has an outstanding reputation in the frozen dessert industry.

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