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Complete Packaging Solutions for Your Business


Polyolefin shrink film

Finding the right solutions for your packaging needs is extremely important. Convenience is a big concern for business owners. There are times in which a food packaging equipment solution can be built into a single unit. However, some requirements of products will not be able to have this all in one solution. It is important to learn about packaging solutions to help plan out the manufacturing vision of your product. In this post, you will learn about the components that make up complete packaging machines.

These machines are versatile in the bagging solutions that they offer. A bagging machine is an essential piece of food packaging equipment if your business works with produce. However, bagging machines are also commonly used with cereal, meats, and certain snacks. Machines that perform bagging operations can also work at a wide variety of speeds, perfect for the largest of manufacturers. Bagging machines can handle all aspects of the bagging process including opening, filling, and sealing all materials. However, different products will require different bagging solutions.

  1. Conveyor Machines: It is common to see this kind of food packaging equipment used for grains and other snack type foods. Conveyor machines are able to communicate effectively, ensuring the entire manufacturing process goes smoothly. Some conveyor equipment is even capable of cleaning itself during production.
  2. Pre Made Bag: If your product is something that can fit in commonly used bagging situations, a pre made bagging machine is a great solution. Pre made pouch filling machines are perfect for a wide array of wet and dry products.
  3. Vacuum Packed Bagging: These sort of bagging solutions are made for foods where freshness is of the utmost importance. Foods that are more sensitive to being exposed to air will be stored in this kind of food packaging equipment. Recent research shows that one out of six people in the United States become ill from foodborne diseases each year. The previous data also stated that each year 128,000 people end up in the hospital and 3,000 people die from these diseases.

The type of packaging you choose can also have other benefits. Research shows that 52 percent of people will be inclined to purchase a product from a socially or environmentally aware company. Choosing plastic packaging can also help to reduce the environmental footprint of your business. Experts in the packaging business estimate that one pound of plastic packaging can decrease food waste by 1.7 pounds.

In closing, the food packaging equipment you choose will depend on the products you are producing. Conveyor machines are great for grains and snack types foods, where the temperature is not an immediate concern. Pre made bag solutions are great for many different types of products. Vacuum packaging is often used for foods where foodborne illnesses are major risk factors including fruits, vegetables, and meats.

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