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Golf Courses From Sporting Events To Special Occasions


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For years, public golf courses have been identified with businesspeople. We expect people to play golf after a particularly successful meeting, or perhaps during a casual discussion of business affairs. There’s a reason for this — golf is a sport associated with money and success, as well as relaxation. And of course, it’s hard not to relax on a great golf course. A well-maintained golf course, whether private or public, is a beautiful sight. This is perhaps why, in more recent times, golf courses have become associated with more than just playing golf. While it’s true that golf events remain the focal point of the green, lots of people are taking advantage of the scenic beauty of golf courses and using them as event venues. Golf courses can even serve as unique wedding places — and for those who really love to play golf, the sport and a special event can be combined. It hasn’t been unheard of for golf-obsessed couples to get married on a golf course, then practice their game during the reception — just for a bit of friendly competition. Below, we’ll look into why we love golf, and how that love extended into the event scene, bringing celebrations to the golf course.

Golf: Who Plays It And Why?

It’s true that golf isn’t quite the same kind of spectator sport as football or basketball. People don’t compete with each other in the same kind of direct fashion, though the sport remains very competitive. It’s quieter and perhaps requires more mental concentration, though this isn’t to say that there isn’t athleticism in the sport. While some view golf as a more relaxed sort of sport — and for many, it is very calming — you can still burn a lot of calories while golfing. It’s estimated that a typical 175 pound man can burn up to 460 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of play. Over a nine-hole course, that same man can end up walking 2.5 miles. Of course, this isn’t to say that golf can’t be played by those who find physical activity a bit more difficult — that’s part of the appeal of the sport. Those who are older or suffering from physical ailments of some kind can still casually play and have their clubs carried for them. Golf caddies make it easier for people to get across long golf courses, and play the sport they love while into their golden years. While golf used to be more of a male-dominated sport, it’s gradually becoming more diverse. Now, it’s estimated that 23% of professional golfers are female. But of course, as we mentioned before, not everyone on the golf course is there to play golf.

The Golf Course As A Venue: What Are The Benefits?

You may think that it’s one thing to play golf on the green, and another thing entirely to get married there. But for a number of reasons, a golf course is the ideal venue for a number of different types of celebrations, from weddings to anniversary parties and even corporate events. Let’s look at weddings first. It’s estimated that about 35% of weddings are now outdoor events. The issue with this type of wedding is that the outdoors don’t always look the way you want them to, and weather can be unpredictable. The great thing about a golf course is that it’s constantly well-maintained, has shelter and provisions nearby in the case of a weather issue, and is specifically made to be picturesque. What more could you ask for?

Going Beyond Weddings: Special Events On The Green

Golf courses are fantastic event venues in general because they tend to have clubhouses and restaurants on site, as well as catering companies available. You could easily host a brunch on a golf course, or for that matter host an event within an onsite restaurant and then move it onto the green. By using a golf course, you could host an event that is truly memorable.

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