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How Electronic Equipment Increases Food Production


Heavy duty meat grinder

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the United States. Every pizza business owner wants their company to thrive. You might be unaware of how a few machines can rapidly speed up production times for customers. One study by Technomic found that 41 percent of those surveyed consume pizza once a week. Having fast production times means customers receive their pizza fast. Customer who get their food fast often want to come back again. In this post, you will learn how to speed up production time for your pizza business.

Three Beneficial Pieces of Electronic Kitchen Equipment

One way that many pizza companies speed up their business is with electronic equipment. Running a successful restaurant is all about having happy customers. One great way to keep customers happy is by ensuring they receive their food as fast as possible. Part of having food ready is ensuring ingredients are properly prepped. Many companies find that manual prep work is far too much of a time and money investment. These growing concerns make electronic kitchen equipment much more preferable for a business. Items including a dough mixer machine have helped food companies to increase their revenue.

  • Electronic Meat Cutter: Certain pizza companies will choose to have delivered on site. This meat may need to be cut a certain way for use as a pizza topping. Manually cutting meat takes time and carries a potential risk of injury. Having a meat cutting machine in your restaurant allows for fast and accurate work every single time. An electronic meat cutter reduces the time needed for preparation which leaves employees with more time for other tasks. Research shows that meat consumption is growing rapidly. A study by Rabobank predicts that meat consumption will go over 200 pounds a year per capita in the year 2018.
  • Electronic Meat Grinder: Grinding meat manually is another time intensive job in the kitchen. Choosing to have an electronic meat grinder installed means more time for other food production areas. Larger pizza companies may need to grind many pounds of meat per week. Having an electronic meat grinder allows meat preparation to be handled in a fast manner.
  • Dough Rolling Machine: Preparing dough is something that takes time to do the manual way. Continuing to roll massive amounts of dough is tough on the hands of workers. Having staff with arthritis could mean dough isn’t rolled properly. Having a dough rolling machine leaves the more labor intensive preparation tasks to this device. A dough roller machine is set to your specifications which ensures a perfect roll every time.
  • Dough Mixer Machine: Using a dough mixer machine take a small amount of effort to operate. Pizza companies prefer using a dough mixer machine because of the time it saves. It takes nearly 30 minutes for some to knead the dough using their hands. However, using an industrial dough mixer speeds up the kneading process. A dough mixer makes it easy to add ingredients on the fly. These machines are made in a wide variety of sizes in order to accommodate all levels of production.
  • In closing, there are many ways electronic kitchen equipment is helping pizza companies. Electronic equipment is preferred by business owners because of the time it saves. Preparing ingredients by hand means spending more time to have the same amount of prepped product. Companies save on labor costs by having machines handle a fair amount of food preparation. Machines in the kitchen ensure that food is prepared the way it needs to be without any errors. Electronic equipment is greatly improving the way that business owners run their companies.

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