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How Often Does Your Family Grill Put in the Summer?


Grilling steaks

Only seven more days of summer remain.
Although the warm weather will go on for months, the final week of the kids being off school are nearing an end. The fact that school starts a week from today has put you in a panic and you have vowed to celebrate each evening before you need to get back in the habit of rushed dinners, you will pull out the summer grilling recipes that you have been collecting. A few of these summer grilling recipes were tested out in the first days of summer vacation, but many of them have never been used. With the ripening tomatoes filling your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer you are anxious to make use of some of the produce that the kids helped grow. They have actually been eating cucumbers for weeks, but this will be the first time all summer that you can rely on fresh tomatoes whenever you want them.
Are You Getting Read to Host Friends and Family for an Outdoor Grilling Event?
During these mild weather days, it should come as no surprise that more and more Americans are taking their cooking outside to the grill. As unseasonable mild temperatures cover much of the U.S. this week, many families are taking advantage of the weather to spent times on outdoor patios, backyard decks, and sun rooms to enjoy their favorite summer grilling recipes.
Whether your goal is healthy grilling, grilling steaks of salmon, or you are getting ready to make sure that you are able to make these last few summer meals last as long as possible, the decision to capitalize on all of the fresh produce that is available is a real motivator.
Consider some of these statistics about charcoal grilling, steak recipes, and other backyard cooking favorites:

  • Hickory, honey, mesquite, and spicy-hot are the four most popular barbecue sauce flavors.
  • 80% of U.S. households own an outdoor grill or smoker.
  • 71% of Americans indicate that improved flavor is the reason they cook on their outdoor grill.
  • America consumes more than 53 pounds of beef per person per year, ranking the U.S. number five among the world?s top beef-eating countries.
  • July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are the top three most popular grilling holidays in America.
  • 5.5% of Americans indicate that they grill more than once a week.

If you missed out on celebrating the Fourth of July or Memorial Day by grilling out, make sure that you have plans to celebrate this upcoming Labor Day with America’s favorite outdoor cooking traditions.

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