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How Would You Define Your Cafe’s Culture?



Do you own and/or operate an independent coffee shop? How well do you know your patrons’ coffee drinking habits? Chances are that you know these quite well because you have regulars at your cafe. While many coffee drinkers will grab cheap coffee mugs to go wherever they are, others prefer going to their favorite cafe and will often drive miles to do so. If your coffee shop is located in a popular walkable area, all the better. This is because you most likely notice the same patrons return again and again for their paper coffee cups to go.

Which do you sell more of, espresso-based drinks or traditional brewed coffee? While espresso-based drinks comprise 31% of the coffee sold in independent coffee shops, the remainder is brewed coffee. You may be aware that approximately 150 million Americans enjoy drinking espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. Furthermore, they will consume these beverages, hot, cold, and iced.

Do you have a lot of customers that return for refills? According to recent statistics, people in the United States will drink 1.64 cups of coffee on an average day, which may mean that they tend to purchase at least one refill and aren’t able to finish it. Others may bring their own cheap coffee mugs with lids along so that they are able to keep their coffee from spilling while they walk to work or are engaged in other activities.

Do you offer an assortment of cup sizes at your establishment? While the average cup is nine ounces, some coffee drinkers prefer fewer or more ounces of coffee. When customers request a few shots of espresso, for examples, these are usually served in much smaller cups. Larger cups appear to be more common with customers that like cold or iced drinks that they can take to go on a hot day.

Even though 30% of Americans only drink coffee on occasion, when they do enjoy a cup, it tends to be a specialty coffee. While most of the coffee served within the specialty coffee industry is Arabica, Robusta is also popular. These types of coffees are considered to be of the highest quality, as you’re no doubt aware.

Many independent cafes have self-service stations. These are convenient because patrons can serve themselves to cream, sugar, napkins, stir sticks, lids, and coffee sleeves. Recent surveys show that 35% of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black, while 65% prefer to add a bit of sugar, cream, or milk to their cheap coffee mugs.

When is your cafe busiest? According to a recent survey, it appears that people enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day and evening. While 65% is consumed during traditional breakfast hours, 30% is consumed between meals, and the rest with other meals.

Whether you already own a cafe or are planning to open one in the near future, it’s probably safe to say that you enjoy drinking brewed as well as specialty coffee drinks. Owning an independent cafe can be an excellent business, as coffee will continue to be a favorite American beverage. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to create a signature specialty coffee drink.

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