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Hummus The Delicious And Healthy Superfood From Egypt


Hummus dip recipes

Are you a fan of hummus? If not, you should be — not only is it delicious, it’s a fabulous source of protein, dietary fiber, iron and vitamin B6. It’s a spread (or tasty dip for chips) made from mashed or pureed chickpeas as well as a paste that often has sesame seeds, garlic, salt and lemon juice. It’s gained traction in many a store and restaurant in the form of hummus dip and recipes and you can expect to see it anywhere health and flavor is a requirement. Bread, chips, sandwiches, vegetables and wraps — hummus can do it all! Keep on reading to learn more about this incredible dish, its health benefits, different hummus flavors and future recipes!

History Of Hummus

Did you know hummus is an Arabic word and means ‘chickpeas’? The complete name that many Americans don’t know is ‘hummus bi tahini’, which means ‘chickpeas with tahini’. This tasty dish originated in the Middle East, with many finding origins in Palestine, Egypt and Yemen. The earliest recorded dish similar to modern day hummus was even traced to 13th century Egypt! Hummus appeared in America in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but was often delegated to ethnic food aisles or organic health food stores. It wasn’t until many decades later, after different flavors and recipes arose, that hummus started becoming more popular in the mainstream foodie lens. When hummus doesn’t even have cholesterol or saturated fat, you know you can’t go wrong!

Health Benefits That Taste Great!

There’s nothing better than delicious food that keeps you fighting fit. It’s been found that consuming fruit and vegetables three or more times a day (compared to the more common one or less) was found to reduce the chance of stroke and stroke mortality by 27% and 42%, respectively. Just two spoonfuls of hummus is enough to fulfill your weekly bean requirement — beans have high amounts of iron and protein, which are necessary for strong muscles, blood cell count and healthy hormones. Hummus also has small amounts of calcium and potassium, so it’s no wonder many people are calling it a superfood! Pepper hummus is a popular dip at parties and different hummus flavors now stock every grocery store chain you can imagine. Next time you throw a family day party or attend a heritage day at college, bring some homemade hummus — everyone will find something to love!

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