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Ice Cream Invented in China? Who Knew


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There is no one accurate story that explains the invention of ice cream. There are many theories, but most were made up in the 1800s by ice cream vendors who wanted to make a sale. Some say it was invented by the Russians, some say the Chinese, and some agree that it had to be concocted by Dolly Madison during her time living in the White House. No one can prove any of these theories, but no one contests them either. The most believable is the story that this frozen treat began in China. There are writings that talk about a frozen milk product having been eaten there as early as the seventh century. However, nothing is proven, so speculation continues.

Here on United States dairy farms, 9% of milk produced is used in the manufacture of ice cream. In addition, the production of not only ice cream, but also of other frozen desserts is upwards of 1.5 billion gallons every year. Ice cream is a very diversified food. It can be placed in any number of different types of cones, it can be served in combination with different toppings to make anyone’s favorite sundae, it can be formed into a cake and eaten with a fork, or it can be eaten out of a bowl, with a spoon. Ice cream cups are a very popular way of eating not only ice cream, but frozen yogurt and gelato besides. Ice cream cups can be paper ice cream cups with lids, which are usually individual paper cups.
On average American’s indulge in eating ice cream about 28.5 times in a single year. Many people, especially families with children, will keep a stockpile of ice cream party supplies in their homes to use for special occasions or for a specific time with family. They will keep plastic ice cream cups and spoons available in addition to several toppings and decorative items.

Ice cream stores and distributors will advertise about their many flavors, some of which they have invented themselves. There are an unlimited number of flavors to choose from today, including combinations of some of the tried and true favorites. When all is said and done, however, companies that make up the International Ice Cream Association were surveyed, and they said that vanilla is still the all time favorite among their customers.

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