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Some Key Considerations For The Use Of Refrigerated Trailers In The United States


Here in the United States, refrigerated trailers for sale, also known as reefer trailers, have become more important and more widely sought after than ever before. After all, there are many different businesses and organizations that can benefit from the use of a refrigerated trailer. And many different products can be kept in good condition by using a refrigerated trailer as well. From food to pharmaceuticals, having access to a reefer unit is something that can allow even the smallest of businesses to thrive.

Fortunately, more and more people are gaining access to wholesale reefer units than ever before, something that is more than supported by the data that has been gathered on the subject. For instance, this data shows that, just in the one year span between the January of 2017 and the January of 2018, the number of reefer trailers being used here in the United States grew by as much as a full 250% – a truly astronomical amount, by any means. After all, as many as 40,000 different reefer units had been purchased in the January of 2018 alone, let alone during any other point of the year. Currently, again here in the United States alone, as many as half of a million reefer trailers are currently in usage, a number that is only likely to keep growing in the years that are ahead of us.

And though reefer trailers have become commonplace and even prominent in the United States, growth in reefer trailer is usage is not isolated to this one country but can instead be seen all throughout the world (or at least in a good many places of it). Yet again, the data that has been gathered on the subject shows this to be true. This data shows that, just in the year of 2015 alone, the market for global refrigeration was valued at more than $5. And by the time that we reach the year of 2022, it will have grown in a very considerable way, likely reaching an overall market value of at least $7 billion – if not even more than that.

In part, this is due to the fact that reefer trailers are actually more affordable than many realized. And used options, like the used Thermo King, are more prominent than one might think. A used Thermo King for sale can be seen in many parts of this country, and the average used Thermo King for sale is something that is likely to still be in very good quality. For small-scale businesses that might not be able to afford a brand new reefer unit for sale, a used Thermo King or another such used reefer trailer for sale can provide a much more cost effective option. For many people and even many businesses, a used Thermo King provides an option, opening the door to owning a refrigerated trailer that simply just would not have been there before.

But no matter what kind of a reefer trailer you are looking to be, be it a used Thermo King for sale or a brand new reefer trailer for sale, there are a number of considerations that one must keep in mind before making such an important purchase. For one thing, the height of the reefer trailer will need to be taken into consideration. Reefer trailers can vary in height, making such a consideration a necessity. However, they typically will not exceed a maximum of 13.5 feet in height. And in addition to this, the length and width of the trailer will also come into consideration. For the overall length of a reefer trailer is not always the same across the board. In fact, it can vary more than you might think, typically maxing out around 53 feet but going no shorter than around 26 feet in length. Knowing the needed measurements for a reefer trailer you want to buy will help you to make the right purchasing decision – and will help to prevent any regret you might otherwise have had in the purchasing process.

In the years that are ahead, reefer trailers are likely to grow ever more popular.

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