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The 3 Features That Will Turn Your Party From Fun To Spectacular


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Parties can come in many shapes and sizes ? but whether you?re hosting a wedding reception or a spectacular birthday party, there are a few things you?re going to need. As most only use major party-related items once or twice, there?s no point in buying them outright, which is why party rentals have become so popular. Many party rental services even offer to set up and dismantle the items you rent, making your job as party host and planner even easier. Before you call up a party rental service, here are a few options to consider. Hopefully, they?ll help you throw the perfect party!

1. A Tent

A tent rental can change the entire atmosphere of a party. Large tents set aside a space that is separate from the stuffy indoors ? often running cheaper than the average big venue, too ? but nonetheless its own. In particular, tents have become popular amongst brides and grooms, especially when an outdoor ceremony is involved. On average, a wedding is expected to have around 136 guests, and moving those guests from an outdoor ceremony to a reception is infinitely easier when an outdoor tent is involved. These tents are often around 40 x 80 feet in dimension, and take about four and a half hours to set up. If set up starts early, it should be taken care of far before you?re ready step inside.

2. A Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain wows at any party ? weddings and birthday bashes alike! Used to serve chocolate fondue, a chocolate fountain is tiered and cone-like, standing two to four feet tall with a crowned top. It doesn?t matter whether you?re a kid or an adult; everyone has fun dipping fruit, breads, and even more candy in chocolate. Chocolate fountains are beautiful and fun ways of serving sweets, making everything a little more convenient and a lot flashier for guests. And remember: chocolate goes with just about anything! You?ll be surprised with the combinations your guests come up with.

3. A Bounce Castle

Although often associated with kids, bounce castles have also become popular among young adults. But at the end of the day, their true purpose lies in thrilling the little ones. Everyone else is just welcome to come along for the ride! Bounce house rentals are easier to place than you might think, with a 15 x 15 foot bounce house being able to carry up to 10 children, or four adults. Due to their soft nature and netting, bounce house are safe while still encouraging active play. Parents will be able to sit back and relax as their kids have the times of their lives.

Remember: parties are supposed to be about celebrations. So let professionals take the stressful parts of out of your hands, and relax.

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