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The Benefits Of An On Site Cafeteria At Your Work Place


Corporate cafeteria management service

From cafeteria services to the option of a pickup and drop off meal, the meal options available at any given place of work are important not only to employee health, but to overall employee performance. A pickup and drop off meal plan can have a number of benefits, from the increased opportunity for picking healthy choices to ease and convenience.

Cafeteria vendors along with vendors for a pickup and drop off meal plan are important, as the quality of food provided to employees can help to increase employee satisfaction. In this health conscious age, over 40 million people in the United States go on a diet every year, so it’s important the office cafeteria providers have a variety of healthy options for those that are watching their weight or simply trying to be more health conscious. Vegetarian options for corporate dining are also important, particularly at corporate events. Fortunately, the percentage of companies – almost 80% – that provides vegetarian options regularly at corporate events is high and ever increasing. Around 60% of companies will also provide gluten free options, as it is important to accommodate to a number of common dietary restrictions.

Healthy options are crucial not just for employee happiness (though they certainly help) but for employee productivity as well. Eating a healthy balanced diet has actually been found to boost brain power by up to 20% or more, according to a study done by the World Health Organization. And those employees who did not eat a healthy diet were over 60% more likely to experience some form and level of reduced productivity. Consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on a regular basis coincided with levels of increased productivity among workers.

Having an on site cafeteria also has a number of benefits. Studies have shown that only around 20% of employees actually utilize their full lunch break, but this has been shown to have detrimental affects on performance and productivity. In fact, though up to 40% of employees around the country simply eat lunch at their desks, it’s been shown to be beneficial to productivity to eat lunch somewhere away from their personal work space.

From a pickup and drop off meal plan to a full on site cafeteria, it’s important that companies consider the needs of their employees when choosing cafeteria vendors and providers. From healthy options to vegetarian and gluten free selections, the type of food provided to employees matters and can be beneficial to the quality of their work and their levels of productivity.

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