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The Best Italian Food


In this video, you will be amazed by the best Italian food. The sun-kissed Italian food is dolce vita on a plate, fresh, tasty, and pleasantly easy. However, in a country with such various geographical cuisines, the best recommendation is to avoid places that serve “new, inventive” cuisine and instead concentrate on the traditional, time-honored delicacies.

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One of the biggest pleasures of traveling in Italy is dining, which provides a detailed insight into each town’s traditions and culture. These recipes are crafted with simple, seasonal ingredients, but they have the flavor of anything you’d get in a Michelin-starred restaurant.
The most renowned of the three approved variations of Pizza Napoletana is Margherita. According to tradition, Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaele Esposito invented this famous meal in the colors of the Italian flag in 1889.
Lasagna (or lasagne in Italian) is the best Italian food. It is a comfort food produced by various thicknesses of noodle sheets, meat, sauce, and cheese. This is one of the oldest known pasta dishes.
Ossobuco is a hearty, savory Milanese specialty made with veal shanks gently simmered in white wine, meat broth, and vegetables.
Although the Italians did not develop ice cream, they facilitated efficiency throughout the years. The origins of Italian gelato can be traced back to the Renaissance period, although no one knows who invented the creamy frozen treat.

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