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The Rising Popularity of Meat Substitutes


Meat substitutes and vegan eating lifestyles are now more prominent and popular across the United States than ever before. Younger people value plant-based diets and being healthy more than any other generation before and they do it for a number of reasons. This is because it helps them be healthier and it is also much more socially responsible.

By the year of 2020, the global meat-alternative market is estimated to reach a net worth of nearly $5.2 billion. As previously mentioned, this mostly comes from the fact that there are great health benefits that come with eating meat substitutes. This includes vegan beef, vegan pork, vegan friendly meat products, and other vegan options.

Studies show that those who replace meat with plant-based foods have a 20% lower mortality rate than those who eat meat. This stat points directly to why so many young people are interested in consuming meat substitutes and other plant-based foods. Here are all of the facts on why vegan eating options are so popular.

Meat Substitutes Are Popular Now

Approximately 33% of the United States population, or 100 million people, say they are eating more vegan foods despite not being vegan themselves. This seems odd but it is truly not that odd given the fact that meat substitutes are more popular than ever before. People want to eat well and feel good about themselves and will adapt to a vegan lifestyle if that helps them out.

Approximately 40% of consumers try to include more vegan foods into their daily meals. With all of the information available to the average consumer, it makes perfect sense why so many people are interested in being vegan and consuming meat substitutes. They want to get the most for their health and want to live longer by eating healthier.

Over the course of the last three years, the number of vegans in the United States has increased by 600%. Rarely will you ever see situations where there is an increase of over 100%. So it makes perfect sense why this is such a strong lifestyle choice that is so prominent now.

Less Meat Is Better For Society

Research shows plant-based diets can treat severe health conditions. Plant-based diets have been proven to reduce angina attacks by 90% within a few weeks. So anyone that has serious health conditions that can benefit from consuming meat substitutes should be smart and take care of themselves.

On average, vegetarian women live 6.1 years longer than those who eat meat. On average, vegetarian men live 9.5 years longer than those who eat meat. So anyone that wants to add years to their life should take time to evaluate their diet and lifestyle. All it takes is more exercise, regular checkups with the doctor, and taking care of your diet!

Reduced meat consumption between 2016 and 2050 could reduce health care and climate change costs by $31 trillion.
An estimated 18% of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with livestock production, including 9% carbon dioxide, 37% methadone, and 65% nitrous dioxide. Not only can meat substitutes help people be healthier but it helps out the environment as well!

In Conclusion

Across the country, vegan eating and vegan lifestyles are definitely on the rise. They have never been more prominent in society than they are right now. So if you are interested in trying to live a healthier life and want to be more socially responsible, then this is the right lifestyle for you. Take some time to consult with your physician or maybe see a nutritionist to set up a diet filled with great plant-based options!

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