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Mexican Food Is a Popular Option for Many Gatherings


This is one of the weekends that you look forward to all year!

There are many times when your mom makes authentic Mexican food, but on Father’s Day Weekend she goes all out. From homemade tortillas to her special recipe for chicken enchiladas, the actual food preparation begins on Friday afternoon. By the Sunday afternoon meal your house always seems to mysteriously attract a few neighbors and non family members who want to have a sampling of the authentic Mexican food dishes that your mother is famous for.

There are plenty of places in town where you can enjoy taco bars and what many people think of as the best Mexican food in the city, but those people who have met your mother know that there is absolutely no substitute for the items that she makes.

Father’s Day celebrations often mean a chance for families to spend time together. And while some of this time is spent out fishing on a lake or out golfing at a favorite course, most of the time this one weekend a year also involves food. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your family who will prepare authentic Mexican food for your Father’s Day celebration then you can be sure that this weekend will be a great one.

Mexican Cuisine Continues to Grow in Popularity Across the Nation

From graduation parties to family gatherings to street vendors, Mexican food is a common favorite for many people. Even those who have never tasted authentic Mexican food will likely say that they have a favorite place where they like to eat salsa and chips or queso. Consider some of these facts about the increasing popularity of Mexican food in America:

  • Burritos are served in as many as 67,391 restaurants in the U.S.
  • There were 38,000 Mexican restaurants dispersed all across the American landscape as of the year 2011.
  • 75% of consumers indicate that they are looking for new flavors in ethnic cuisines, and 66% want bolder flavors and unfamiliar foods. Mexican cuisine meets many of these criteria.
  • 71% of American households use Mexican food and ingredients.
  • History suspects that Mexican cuisine was derived from what the Mayan Indians prepared as far as 2000 years ago.
  • With a 42% share of ethnic food sales, Mexican food continues to be the most popular ethnic food segment in the U.S.

If you Father’s Day does not include a sampling of authentic Mexican food, then you might find yourself looking for a local restaurant that offers a close second.

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