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Three Things You Should Expect from Good Sushi Restaurants


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Whether you want a fun night out with friends or you’re looking for a romantic date spot, finding great food and entertainment is a priority. These days there are far more restaurants than there are types of cuisine in the world, so the one you choose depends on what you prefer. One type of restaurant that serves the top cuisine and tends to please people with all kinds of palates is a sushi bar.

Good sushi restaurants offer a number of choices to those dining out, but having a good time is all about knowing what to expect. Here’s what you should know before heading to one of your local sushi restaurants:

    1. Good sushi restaurants have a wide selection to choose from. One thing that patrons of sushi restaurants may notice if dining there for the first time is that there are plenty of menu items to choose from. Knowing what they are, however, especially if no description is present, is another thing entirely. Don’t be afraid to ask what the ingredients are in something, especially if you have a food allergy or dietary preference.

    2. Fine sushi restaurants have plenty of authentic and experimental ingredients. Those who haven’t had sushi before may not know what to look for on the menu, so it’s best to have an idea of some of the terms before heading out. For starters, sushi refers to the rice, not the fish, in these dishes. Ingredients like seaweed are common, but there are sushi rolls made without it if you don’t like the taste or texture. Nigiri is the name given to a piece of fish on a ball of rice; this is one of the most popular options. Some restaurants also incorporate ingredients from other cultures into sushi or will make the rolls more palatable to American tastes; for instance, a California roll uses the seaweed on the inside of the roll rather than the outside.

    3. Quality sushi takes time to make. Because sushi dishes are made to order, it can be a wait before you get your dinner. Make sure to take advantage of any soup or salad appetizers if you’re hungry, and bring a date or plenty of friends to converse with as you wait. Some restaurants will let you order multiple courses, whereas others will just take one order. Find out which type of restaurant you’re visiting, but remember that sushi can be deceptively filling.

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