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Tips for buying a new reefer


So you’ve decided to buy or update your reefer trailer! First before you rush out, perhaps we should go over a few things that you should keep in mind before hand. With about 500,000 trailers in operation through the United States, many of these include a reefer unit for transporting refrigerator goods. These trailers can even carry up to 44,00 pounds! So, let’s get into the full details here, what is a reefer trailer? What is the difference between buying a new or used trailer? Let’s explore these different options and figure out what will be the best option for you and your new reefer unit.

First, the question posed needs to be addressed: what is a reefer trailer? Well for those who do not know, a reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer. It gets attached to the back of a large truck and is imperative in order to transport food items that are perishable and other items that are temperature sensitive. Originally, it was the ice cream industry that first came up with these miraculous inventions! That can’t be much of a surprise considering that ice cream can only be frozen! No one wants melted ice cream. These reefer trailers reach frozen temps of -20 degrees! So now if you didn’t know before, you can now answer the question of: “What is a reefer trailer” when asked.

Buying a new reefer trailer requires the buyer to deeply research what different companies offer. Thermo King refrigeration units are a good place to start your examination of carrier reefer trailers. Your other option, which is still a good option when it comes to these trailers is to buy used reefer trailers. When shopping for used, be sure that your new trailer has a track record of what has been done to it and that it is in fact in perfect condition still. The last thing that you need is to buy a reefer trailer that breaks down a couple weeks after you take it home. Be sure that you are carefully prepared when knowing how exactly to buy your reefer trailer.

A more important matter of what services have been provided to your new used reefer trailer are the hours that it has previously been used. If you find a used trailer that has anywhere between 3-4,000 hours in the time that it has been in use than that is about normal. However, if you come across one that is only three years old and has been used for between 16,000 hours, than it is not a good purchase and this used trailer should probably not be your ideal trailer to purchase.

So now that you know what a reefer trailer is and what to look for when shopping for your new trailer, happy shopping! Be careful with the amount of hours that your used trailer has been used or what specifics are included in a brand new trailer you may buy. Before you know it, your new trailer will be on the road and ready to keep all of your refrigerated materials cold and ready for transport!

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