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What Makes a Great Tequila


Tequila is a well-loved alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed across the world. It originated from the Tequila region of Mexico where all authentic Tequila is produced. The process starts with the Blue Agave plant. This plant is native to this specific region of Mexico. It can take between eight and twelve years to grow to maturity.

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At this point, it is often harvested by local farmers using machetes. From here, the plant is fermented and turned into the popular beverage. These beverages are what makes Mezcali the tequila bar FiDi prefers.

What separates a good tequila from a bad tequila. Generally, it is the authenticity and the amount of added sugar. a Mixto is a tequila that has a significant amount of sugar added. This dilutes the flavor. Instead, you want authentic near 100% tequila for the rich taste. When it comes to authentic tequila, you can even taste the difference in what part of the Tequila region it was grown. For example, the lowlands have a mineral-like taste. On the other hand, the highlands have a tropical and citrus taste to their tequila. This difference in taste is the true difference between good and bad tequila.


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