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What’s the Best Thing About Christmastime? Food and Gifts! Why Not Make Them One and the Same?


Wedding cookie favors

The holidays are upon us! Seasonal tidings! Merriment! The pressure to give just the right corporate business gift! It can be a lot, and with the carols kicking in? Why not do something fun this year, why not break the mold of the stuffy corporate business gift and give gourmet cookies?

Not Just Cookies, Gourmet Delivery Cookies!

Americans devour 300 cookies per person a year, that?s more than 2 billion cookies being gobbled up in the U.S. a year! Cookies are eaten in over 95% of U.S. households, because they?re a perfect snack and a great dessert. Surprise your clients with a gift that?s not just thoughtful, but that their whole family will enjoy and remember. Have gourmet cookies delivered right to their home or office as a corporate business gift.

So Many Cookie Choices!

Yep, that?s part of what makes cookie delivery such a great corporate business gift, you can tailor your gift to each client. You should be so lucky to have as many clients as there are types of cookies! And, there are almost as many names for cookies as there are types of yummy cookies to eat (even gluten free cookies). In the U.K., cookies are called biscuits, in German they?re keksin, the Spanish know them as galletas, and in Italy they’re biscotti, but no matter what they?re called, they?re delicious!

A Bit About Cookies

Originally, the word cookie derived from the Dutch word ?keokje,? which means “little cake.? That makes sense, because culinary historians say the first cookies in recorded history were used as test cakes ? a small amount of cake batter was put in the oven to test its temperature. Credit is given to innkeeper Ruth Wakefield, for inventing the chocolate chip cookie, undeniably an American classic, which, in 2013, celebrated its 75th birthday ? happy birthday cookie!!

Cookies and Christmas

What we think of today as Christmas cookies trace their roots back to recipes from Medieval European times, but in the United States and Canada, children have been leaving sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies, and milk, out for Santa as a snack on Christmas Eve since the 1930s.

Why don?t you play Santa this year and give cookie delivery as a corporate business gift? Your clients? kids will thank you even if your clients? waistlines don?t.

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