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What’s The Difference Between Ice Cream, Gelato And Frozen Yogurt?


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Can you even imagine life without your favorite desserts? If surveys and popular culture are anything to go by, the average American definitely can’t! Ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt still reign supreme as the go-to frozen snacks for most people in the United States, going strong even when the weather gets cold and you’d think nobody would want something equally cold to cope. There are more ice cream shops and dessert suppliers than you can shake a stick at as a result. If you’re looking to dip your toes into selling dessert or are just a little curious about the popularity of gelato, check out the list below to become an overnight ice cream expert.

How Often Do Americans Eat Ice Cream?

Think you eat too much ice cream? Think again. The NPD Group has found that, in any given two-week period, at least 40% of Americans will indulge in a little gelato or frozen yogurt. The average year also sees Americans consuming ice cream almost 30 times. When it comes to dedication, America makes it clear that some things just can’t be beat! Waffle cones, waffle bowls and portable cups are still popular choices for those that are on-the-go.

What’s The Difference Between Ice Cream And Gelato?

This is a pretty common question for customers looking to shake things up while still getting what they like. Ice cream is known for containing more than 50% air after the churning process, creating that iconic fluffy consistency good for dipping, stacking and decorating. Gelato, on the other hand, contains only 25% to 30% air on average and has a higher concentration of milkfat. As a result it’s more creamy and heavy than ice cream. While everyone has their own preferences, you can’t deny they’re all delicious in their own ways!

What’s The Difference Between Ice Cream And Frozen Yogurt?

Now this is an important question. The United States, as much as it adores its treats and confectionaries, is becoming increasingly health conscious. More and more people are trying to find that happy balance between indulging and shaving off a few pounds, particularly when summer rolls around and everyone’s eager to go swimming! Frozen yogurt is characterized by its lighter calorie content and icy consistency, brilliantly crisp and often paired with different fruits for a punchy flavor.

What Are The Most Popular Flavors?

This one almost speaks for itself! Ice cream and gelato are popular for their sheer volume of flavors, those of which range from beloved staples like vanilla and strawberry to the more particular pistachio and pecan. According to a recent survey of International ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla is still steamrolling other flavors by a whopping 30%. Strawberry, chocolate and various sorbets are much beloved, to boot, and some ice cream companies have gone out of their way to introduce limited edition flavor combinations to shake things up.

How Is The Ice Cream Industry Faring?

If you’re worried about the ice cream and gelato industry, you can definitely put those fears to rest. Dessert supplies like ice cream containers, disposable ice cream cups and frozen yogurt spoons have never seen a bigger boom than the last few years. The end of 2013, for example, saw nearly 2,600 frozen yogurt stores peppered across the country and recent figures see well over one billion gallons of ice cream produced in the United States on a yearly basis. Next time you think about digging into that delicious cup of rocky road, feel extra good that you’re keeping entire industries afloat.

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