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10 Things to Include in Your Restaurant Renovation Project Plan


As a restaurant owner, making the right impression on the clients is essential. You can create a positive impression on your customers by investing in tasty meals and elegant ambiances such as wall features, furnishings, flooring, and properly positioned lighting. Below is a list of restaurant renovation project plans to consider.

A Complete Remodel Project Plan

Renovating a restaurant adds new life to the business, and you must keep your remodeling relevant and updated with trending styles. Perform market research to establish what works best for your restaurant and identify the areas that require improvement. Before coming up with a restaurant renovation project plan, you must understand the entire market and customer dynamics. You must identify those areas of your restaurant that require improvement, including ambiance, food, or service. Place suggestion boxes and check your social media platforms to get insights and understand the various modifications your clients are looking for.

The restaurant business has stiff competition, and you must adapt to the ever-changing trends to retain your customers and attract prospective clients. Perform a competitive analysis to assess how similar restaurants in your area perform and their technology to enhance efficiency. You can change the seating arrangement to optimize the available space and accommodate more clients during peak hours. Ensure your customers know your restaurant renovation project plan by communicating with them on your social media channels.

A Construction Plan

A restaurant renovation project plan is a wise investment as it enhances the growth of your business. Hire reliable construction services experts with experience in various types of remodeling and refurbishment, from complicated conversions to simple updates. To minimize damage, the contractor must follow the laid down health codes, maintain high cleanliness standards, and work comfortably around the cooking equipment. The contractor must collaborate with you while working proactively, focusing on value through risk management, value engineering, and safety. The experts must easily handle complex remodeling projects and deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions with minimal downtime.

You must follow a specific theme, regardless of whether you wish your restaurant to have a modern or contemporary look. The contractor assists you in creating attractive and innovative spaces that are beautiful and practical for the catering and hospitality sectors. Consider renovating your restaurant during the off-peak season to minimize the chances of interrupting the business flow. You must coordinate the work to ensure your business remains operational during peak season. You can visit the restaurants in your area to assess their distinct designs, including the interior designs. Share your restaurant renovation project plan with the contractor to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

A Roofing Plan

Having a restaurant roof that gives customers an attractive and different look is crucial. The overall look of your restaurant’s roof enhances the interior and exterior functionality of the space. Most customers refer to a building based on its shape and color, which is why investing in an attractive roof is essential. Hire a reliable commercial roofer to do the installation work for you with suitable materials and other accessories, including ventilation, to keep smoke, heat, and smell away from clients to enhance a memorable experience. The roof you plan to install must maintain an optimum temperature inside your restaurant. The top must consist of reliable materials to withstand extreme weather elements. Despite the availability of modern HVAC systems in the market today, an all-weather roof is crucial. Installing the correct roof with the ability to control temperatures helps minimize your utility bills considerably.

If you have branches in other locations, you must establish a specific theme to enhance brand awareness. Your restaurant’s roof must have a consistent design, color scheme, and other elements, and the type of roof you choose must be compatible with the interior design of your restaurant. Select a roof type that is in line with other design changes in the restaurant renovation project plan to minimize additional costs in the future. Ensure you plan everything accordingly before installing your roof to ensure a smooth process.

An Updated Air Conditioning Installation

Temperature control inside your restaurant is crucial as it enhances comfort for your guests. Your air conditioning unit must function well while keeping the operational costs down to lower the overheads of your restaurant. You can embrace zoned cooling to ensure that different areas inside your restaurant have the optimum temperature all the time. You may require additional cooling if, for instance, you have downstairs and upstairs seating areas. The kitchen has numerous heat generators and requires different cooling than the general seating area. Zoned cooling utilizes individual thermostats to monitor temperature variations to facilitate independent control.

Proper ventilation eliminates smoke and odors to minimize clogging the air conditioner and affecting customers. Hire a reliable HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) professional to evaluate the condition of the existing system and perform AC install that adheres to the ventilation codes in your locality. Use energy-efficient bulbs and appliances and avoid overworking your AC to minimize breakdowns. Consider installing a dehumidifier as restaurants have high humidity from cooking food, washing food, and cleaning dishes. High humidity overworks the AC, damages the restaurant decor, and encourages mold growth. Consider installing a dehumidifier with the help of a professional to avoid overworking your AC.

An Updated Electrical System

The last thing that restaurant owners want is an electrical issue that necessitates closing their business to facilitate repairs. If this happens, it results in lost wages for your employees and lost revenue for you. In an electrical fire, your business may close permanently, and you risk losing your customers to neighboring restaurants. You can schedule routine maintenance by hiring electricians to assess overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, and worn electrical cords. You can install multiple electrical safety components to enhance your restaurant’s safety. You can install receptacle boxes made of non-conductive materials to minimize the chances of electricity flowing where it should not. Surge protectors protect sensitive equipment from electrical damage, whereas carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are essential to notify you when there is an electrical fire.

Install an automatic transfer switch (ATS) with the help of an electrician to supply power to various equipment during an outage. The areas you set up will get power without delay during a power outage to facilitate the uninterrupted operation of different equipment. Ensure you rout your lighting to the ATS to minimize interruptions in lighting to reduce business operation delays. Include an ATS in your restaurant renovation project plan as it allows you to have total access to the HVAC system regardless of your electrical situation. Businesses that rely on alarms, cameras, and other security measures must pair the generator with an ATS to facilitate safe operation.

An Updated Bathroom

Your restaurant bathroom is considered an extension of the restaurant. Ensure the space is perfectly lit and should not be too bright, harsh, or dim. Most people like to visit a bathroom to retouch their makeup, and if the environment is appealing and the lights are flattering, they may take a quick snap. Explore multiple lighting options and special fittings that complement the interiors of your restaurant to minimize the disruption of flow between spaces. Add cool and neutral colors inside your restaurant bathroom to create a relaxing and calm environment. Design the bathroom with a particular color palette that suits the mood you want to enhance.

Hire a plumber to install the right washroom accessories to enhance a sleek and modern look inside your bathroom. Consider additional amenities in your restaurant renovation project plan, including hooks and countertops, as customers appreciate their convenience. Tiles are dynamic and fun elements that give the bathroom an attractive personality. There are several designs, patterns, finishes, textures, and colors to choose from, depending on your preferences and taste.

A New Furniture Upgrade

The correct seating sets an ideal dining experience for your guests. Furniture is an investment in its own right, and restaurant owners must factor it into the restaurant renovation project plan. Quality furniture such as chairs, tables, and booths can be easily cleaned and are ideal for a restaurant. The restaurant upholstery fabric should be colorfast and stain resistant to enhance long-term service. Furniture shape affects the overall dining experience of your customers, and you must carefully consider it before settling for one. Rectangular or square tables are space efficient, whereas round tables enhance a conversation.

You can select a style that suits your preferences and needs. You can opt for portable or anchored seating. Portable chairs and tables can be positioned anywhere and are usually placed away from walls and other structures, usually in the middle of the dining rooms. They can accommodate elderly guests and a large number of guests. Anchored seating refers to the furniture attached to the floor and wall. Booths are preferred by most restaurant owners as they are space efficient, have optimal legroom, and have a secluded area for patrons. You can choose a balanced combination of large and small tables and booths.

A Freshly Cleaned Restaurant

A restaurant renovation project plan must observe a hygienic and clean environment for the safety and health of patrons and employees. Keep the kitchen tidy as it gets exposed to various contaminants due to the high traffic from servers, cooks, and cashiers. Hire restaurant cleaning services to clean your kitchen with reliable sanitizers and disinfectants. Clean the dining area to maintain the appearance of the establishment and enhance safety. Restaurant workers can clean the dining areas by sanitizing areas such as table tops, bar tops, chairs, menus, and condiment bottles.

Clean the restaurant floors routinely, as dirty floors pose a safety risk for customers and restaurant employees. Most restaurants position a large floor mat at the entrance to minimize outside dirt from getting inside. Deep clean your restaurant floor regularly with water, soap, and liquid bleach, and if a spill occurs, it must be cleaned and given adequate time to dry to minimize slip-and-fall incidents. Clean the restrooms regularly to reduce cross-contamination from workers to eating utensils and food products. Disinfect sink faucets and door handles and stock soap dispensers and toilet paper.

A Beautiful Food Photoshoot

Most restaurant owners pay for social media advertisements to lure potential customers. You must capture amazing photos if you want to catch the attention of your target audience. You can use indirect natural lighting and take the shot for your meals quickly when the conditions are right, as the strength and amount of natural light vary depending on the hour. Indirect light helps diffuse sunlight evenly, resulting in well-lit and beautiful photos. Removing unnecessary clutter, such as water glasses, salt shakers, and menus would be best when capturing images.

A food photographer assists you in capturing great shots, which you can then post on your social media platforms. It’s a popular trend nowadays, and you can incorporate hashtags if you want to expand your follower base. The foundation of a reliable restaurant is excellent service and food, and attracting clients to experience your meals requires well-crafted restaurant food photography integrated with a sound restaurant renovation project plan.

A Guided Marketing Plan

A restaurant marketing plan outlines various steps you should take to achieve sales and marketing goals. The program has to support the overall business objectives and strategy and must be updated as the business grows. You can utilize multiple marketing services to target your audience while delivering your message. You can use menus, websites, posters, flyers, and more to enhance your marketing. The marketing plan must include your marketing materials samples to ensure the audience knows what your restaurant offers. It would be best if you used a combination of offline and online promotions to target a wider audience. You can use digital marketing channels like email marketing and social media to reach potential clients.

You must perform a SWOT analysis on your competitors to understand what they are doing that makes them succeed and how you can do it better. Learn from their mistakes and weaknesses by identifying loopholes in their operations. You can exploit the weaknesses of your competitors to develop a unique marketing strategy to attract more customers and identify whether the competitor has something you do not have. Check your competitor’s website for current campaigns, promotions, and events like karaoke, games night, and live music. Visit your competitors’ social media platforms to evaluate their content and follower numbers.

Renovating a restaurant can be daunting, but the process can go on smoothly with careful planning. Once the remodeling is complete, you can have a grand re-opening party to enable the customers to assess the new and improved space. The listed tips are crucial to ensure the success of your restaurant renovation project plan.

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