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3 Benefits of Utilizing an X-Ray Food Inspection Machine


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It’s extremely important for a company producing food to keep consumers safe. In fact, statistics show that 48 million people become ill each year due to foodborne diseases. It’s wise to do everything possible to ensure that your customers can trust consuming the foods your company produces. Many businesses are utilizing food inspection systems to ensure their products remain safe at all times. With that in mind, here are three reasons to utilize x-ray inspection for food processing.

  1. Ability to Scan for a Wide Range of Objects

    There are two main systems commonly used to inspect food: x-ray and metal detectors. While metal detection in food processing is extremely important, you should know that x-ray inspection systems are able to detect a wider range of potential contaminants. Metal detectors made for food inspection can detect ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. However, utilizing x-ray inspection for food can detect 1.5 mm or less of metal contaminants, often less than what a metal detector can find.
  2. Checks for Missing Items

    Another benefit of utilizing x-ray inspection for food products is that these items can detect missing objects. While effectively sealing food products is of the utmost importance, there are instances where missing items can occur after the sealing phase takes place. X-ray inspection systems provide images that allow you to find out if certain items are missing, even after a product has been sealed.
  3. Improving Levels of Food Safety

    It is imperative to ensure that your products remain safe for consumption. No company wants to have to recall food products due to safety issues. In addition, utilizing some sort of food inspection system works well to reduce potential lawsuits against a company. In addition, lawsuits are often extremely consuming in terms of both time and money for a business.

To summarize, there are several important advantages associated with using x-ray machines for food inspection. These machines are able to scan for a wide range of potential contaminants. Metal detectors can only detect the presence of metals within a package. In addition, these inspection machines provide a clear image of the contents of a package which is useful in the event items are missing after the sealing phase occurs. Utilizing a food inspection system helps to ensure consumers remain safe, helping to avoid a business from dealing with product recalls and potential lawsuits.

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