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Why You Should Be Eating More Mexican Food


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America is a melting pot, and within that stew are the combined characteristics of each culture that has been introduced over time. One of those characteristics, what could be called the primary characteristic of each culture, is its food. Out of the hundreds of thousands of restaurants in the United States, a great portion of them are of international cuisine. The most popular of those international cuisines is Mexican food, with one out of every 10 American restaurants serving Mexican cuisine. And even if you’re not dining in one of the best Mexican restaurants in the U.S., it’s likely that authentic Mexican dishes have had their influence in your home, with over 70% of American households cooking Mexican food and ingredients.

Here’s the thing: you should be eating more Mexican food. And if you haven’t been eating much Mexican food, you should start eating at the best Mexican restaurants across the country.

For people that have never explored Mexican food, largely thinking that it is just spicy, consists of few ingredients, and is boring, well, you’re terribly mistaken. Traditional Mexican cuisine is a diverse food with an endless amount of flavors, tastes, profiles, and ingredients. Take for instance mole (sauce): the most common that people tend to see is that which you’ll find in your local grocery store, particularly brown mole. Did you know that there are 7 moles of Oaxaca? They include Negro (black/chocolate mole), Rojo (red mole), Coloradito (brown mole), Amarillo (like the first three without the sweetness), Verde (bright green mole), Chichilo (dark, spicy mole) and Manchamantel (sweet, spicy, bright, and fruity mole). Most of these can be found, and taste-tested, at some of the best Mexican restaurants around the country.

Although most people won’t believe this, particularly due to the influence of fast food chains, traditional Mexican food is healthy! With the fiber and protein of beans, the healthy fats from avocado, and the vegetable and spice bases of moles and salsas, Mexican cuisine offers some of the best clean, delicious, and naturally food you can order. Stick to the best Mexican restaurants and you’ll realize why this is true — your food will be made to order with natural, healthy ingredients, making for delectable plates of nachos, tacos, enchiladas, and more.

You can’t quite beat the experience that you’ll get out of the best Mexican restaurants either. Whatever you’re choice of traditional dish — minido, pozole, mole poblano, picadillo, or chilorio — you’ll be able to consume history alongside a sense of in-restaurant familial comfort. Corn tortillas, refried beans, and alcohol to match, and you and your party will be able to have a great meal with energy to follow. You don’t necessarily need an excuse to eat out and enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine, but it feels good having confirmation that you’ll be able to take in culture with too many fantastic ingredients to count.

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