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5 Great Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers


Vacuum growler

Beer certain remains one of the most popular alcoholic beverages around the world. In fact, statistics from a 2016 Gallup poll found that 43% of those who could legally drink preferred beer over other types of spirits. Considering that, the holiday season is in full swing and it’s understandable to wonder what to get the beer lover in your life. With that in mind, here are five awesome gift ideas for beer lovers.

  1. Personalized Growler

    One great way to impress the beer lover in your life is to buy growlers. A growler is a large container that is commonly used to transport beer without the beverage losing its freshness. If you are looking to buy growlers, there are many varieties of this container available. Many growlers are made in either half gallon or full gallon sizes. However, a personalized growler is something that a beer drinker can use with pride as this container is truly one of a kind. You’ll find it is a wise idea to buy growlers for anyone in your life that is a fan of beer.
  2. Wall Art With a Beer Theme

    Many people that are fans of beer like to display their love of this beverage. Therefore, purchasing a piece of wall art with a beer theme is sure to be a huge hit at any holiday event. There is a wide variety of wall art available relating to beer, ranging from serious to humorous. If you know the person who drinks beer well enough, it’s likely you’ll have a good idea of which type of wall art they prefer.
  3. Beer Making Kit

    Statistics show that the craft beer market in the United States has an estimated worth of nearly $23.5 billion. It stands to reason that the beer lover in your life might want to dabble in making their own beverage for fun or for potential profit. Either way, ordering a beer making kit for that special someone provides them with a unique way to learn more about what goes into creating this beverage. In addition, this person will be rewarded with a special beer at the end of the creation process that is all their own.
  4. Creative Drink Coasters

    Many beer drinkers sadly know that a nice surface can be ruined by watermarks from cups. Therefore, gifting the beer lover in your life with a special set of coasters is a great gift idea. Coasters are made from a wide range of materials, giving you plenty of options for finding that perfect gift. If you are looking to buy growlers, pairing them with unique coasters makes for a great combination gift.
  5. Bottle Cap Shadow Box

    One of the best gifts for beer lovers is a bottle cap shadow box. This gift requires a little creativity but it also is something that can be added to over time. Considering that, giving someone this unique form of shadow box allows the beer lover in your life to always have a reminder of who got them this special gift. A decent percentage of those who drink beer consume this beverage regularly. In fact, statistics show that 14% of people who consume beer have at least one drink per week. With that in mind, many beer drinkers will regularly be able to add bottle caps to a shadow box, watching the box itself fill up as time goes on.

To summarize, there are several great gifts to purchase for someone who loves drinking beer. The gift of a personalized growler gives someone a unique container for their favorite beverage. Beer themed wall art is a great way to spruce up the walls of a beer lover. You’ll find that a beer making kit provides a way for someone to create a drink that is all their own. Purchasing unique coasters for someone helps to ensure their surfaces remain free from water damage. If you’re looking to get creative, purchasing a bottle cap shadow box makes for a perfect holiday gift idea.

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