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A Classic, Modern Touch For Any Establishment Bringing Out Your Best With Reclaimed Wood Furniture


What’s the main draw of rustic furniture?

Restaurant owners and homeowners alike have been asking themselves this question for many years. It’s a particular style of interior design that never seems to fall out of favor, no matter how many bandwagon trends come and go. It crops up in all sorts of spaces, from low-key bars to backyard porches, and invokes a certain appeal that can’t be easily duplicated. It’s seeing a rather large surge in popularity thanks to its eco-friendly design model, too, and will do wonders for creating a positive domino effect in both the foresting and interior design industry.

Reclaimed wood is a fundamental part of what makes rustic furniture so unique. What could this addition do to breathe new life into your own establishment?

The Eco-Friendly Nature Of Reclaimed Wood

Take a gander at any interior design industry and you’ll see the term ‘reclaimed wood’ cropping up at some point or another. Tally up the environmental and financial benefits and it’s not hard to see why the natural reclaimed wood product is stirring such positive commotion. Using reclaimed wood to create flooring has been found to take around 10 times less energy than using freshly cut trees. When you consider the majority of hardwood trees take anywhere from 40 to 60 years to fully mature, this is incredibly important to reducing strain on the environment at large.

The Foresting Industry Today

How is the foresting industry doing today? According to multiple surveys…not as well as it could be. The United States has milled more than three trillion board feet of lumber since the 1900’s. Recent statistics have concluded wood to make up roughly 20% to even 30% of construction and demolition waste. Thankfully, environmentally friendly initiatives have been doing their best to counter these figures and introduce more sustainable collection methods. Back in 2015 nearly three million tons of wood pallets were properly recycled and reused.

Popular Rustic Furniture Choices

Rustic furniture is just as varied as any other style. You can adorn your restaurant with reclaimed wood chairs to give it an earthy touch. You can combine your chairs with reclaimed wood restaurant table tops and even wooden accessories to greet your customers with a look that’s both eco-friendly and romantic. According to National Geographic around 30% of the Earth’s landmass is covered by forests, though this number fluctuates greatly depending on how prioritized recycling methods are.

Maintaining The Integrity Of Your Furniture

A common concern of establishments is how their rustic wood siding or wood table tops will hold up to wear and tear. Maintaining the integrity of your rustic furniture is much easier than it looks. Varnish is used to prevent moisture, dirt and oil from warping the wood, protecting its beautiful sheen no matter how rowdy your weekend nights get. Varnish should be reapplied once in a while, particularly on outside furniture that’s exposed to the elements more frequently, and any sign of damage should be looked at to keep the wood from rotting.

Incorporating A Classic Feel That Will Last For Ages

Reclaimed wood paneling is both an old-fashioned style and a sign of changing times. It’s an environmentally sustainable way of decorating your restaurant or cafe that still puts quality and longevity first. Rustic furniture communicates style and an eco-savvy attitude that’s easily digestible to customers old and new. Even more modern styles have a hard time holding up to the unique appeal of rustic furniture, as minor dents and scratches can add to the appeal of a well-loved set-up.

What could round wood table tops and wood siding do to bring out the best in your restaurant?

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