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A Look At The Popularity Of Dessert Consumption In The United States


On a hot summer day, there’s nothing as good as a frozen dessert. From ice cream to gelato to frozen yogurt, frozen desserts of all kinds have become immensely popular all throughout the United States. For many people, such frozen desserts are even enjoyed all throughout the year – not just during the hottest part of it. Enjoying a frozen dessert is a pleasure unlike any other, an indulgence that just about everyone has to partake in at some point or another.

Of course, ice cream is perhaps the most popular frozen dessert out there – or at least here in the United States, at the very least. It’s so very popular, in fact, that more than 85% of all households in this country keep some kind of ice cream in their freezer at all times. For some families, the amount of ice cream is likely to be even higher than this. With the average person in the United States eating ice cream more than 28 times throughout the course of the typical year, it should come as no real surprise that nearly half of this country’s population (around 40% of it, to be just a bit more exact) enjoys ice cream at least once every two weeks. And, as you might suspect, some people will have ice cream on an ever more regular basis (something that is, again, most likely to happen during the summer months).

Having the right dessert supplies in your own home can help you to save money on your dessert consumption habits. While going to an ice cream parlor is certainly a nice treat, having the proper dessert supplies in your own home allows you to have ice cream on a much more frequent basis. For some people, dessert supplies might just consist of a spoon and a bowl – and, of course, a pint container of ice cream. For others, dessert supplies will extend a bit past spoons and bowls and ice cream cones will also be kept on hand. A staple in frozen dessert supplies since the very early 1900s, ice cream cones provide a delicious way to eat ice cream, making it not only convenient, but giving the treat a little extra crunch and sweetness as well.

Dessert supplies, of course, can be used for all kinds of frozen desserts that you might keep in your home. For instance, you might keep dessert supplies on hand for gelato, another popular frozen dessert. Gelato and ice cream have many similarities and, in fact, the dessert supplies that you use for one or the other will be very much similar, if not exactly the same. But gelato is much denser than ice cream, as only around 25% air content is churned in. For ice cream, on the other hand, the churned in air content is typically at about 50%. The fat content for gelato is also much lower, not ever really exceeding even 8%. For ice cream, the fat content tends to be much higher indeed. The creaminess and richness of gelato is much loved now here in the United States and keeping dessert supplies on hand for gelato consumption has become a staple in many a household.

Of course, dessert supplies can be used for frozen yogurt as well. Frozen yogurt has long been available here in the United States and, while it is not necessarily a health food, it can be considered as a healthier alternative to ice cream or even gelato. For many people, eating frozen yogurt serves to provide a viable alternative to eating other frozen desserts. And frozen yogurt is also very much delicious in its own right, of this there is no doubt. At the end of the day, frozen yogurt is really just as good of a frozen dessert as anything else.

Ultimately, frozen desserts are clearly quite immensely popular all throughout the United States. For the majority of people, one frozen dessert is likely to be consumed at least once over the course of a year, if not a large number of them. Frozen desserts, there is no doubt about it, are here to stay.

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