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5 Tips on How to Organize a Perfect Candy Buffet


The sugary delight that comes with nostalgic candy buffets is a perfect part of childhood birthday parties and other party events. A beautiful display of candy jars at a party is the favorite spot for most kids. But what should you do to make a splendid candy buffet that will make your event memorable?

This post presents to you some candy buffet ideas that will show you how to create a stunning candy setup or arrangement for your parties.

1. Variety is the Spice of Life!

Candy buffets are a perfect way to offer your guests their quick sugar fix, but you shouldn’t only provide lollipops, gumballs, mint candies, malted balls, or twisted marshmallows. Fresh candy buffets have sweets of different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. You should thus buy your candy while minding the preferences of your guests. Approximately eight ounces of candy is enough for each guest, but you should buy varying types of candy from your local candy shop or candy store.

2. Make an Artistic Display

You should set up your candy in a beautiful display to make your candy buffet and party a fantastic beauty for all guests. There are no strict guidelines on how an amazing nostalgic candy display should look, but you’ll need trays, bowls, and jars of varying sizes, shapes, and colors to make an appealing display.

You need to get a sturdy table, a tablecloth, and some backdrop to make an excellent display. The candy, candy jars, and other backdrop materials can be substantial, and you’ll need a sturdy table that is strong enough to bear this kind of weight and some little tugging and pushing from the kids who often get playful at candy tables.

3. Candy Buffet Display Decorations

Your candy display can make good use of fluffy animals, ribbons, confetti, garlands, and beautiful drapes. If your candy buffet is all about celebrating someone or some event, then you can also include some foam letters that will show the person or event’s name. You can also glue some pieces of personalized candy on to such foam letters or cards.

You should ensure that your tablecloth has some colorful decorations that match your candy, or you can choose to keep it neutral and use a plain-colored tablecloth. The tablecloth should be larger than your display arrangement table, but if it’s too large, then you should drape it over the pedestals for a cohesive look.

4. Ideal Candy Containers for Your Nostalgic Candy Buffet

A candy buffet with an arrangement or display of containers with similar color, sizes, and shapes may look a little bland and unappealing. You should use different kinds of candy containers to make your display more appealing. You can use vases, trays, bowls, large lidded jars, or mason jars to create a fantastic candy buffet display.

Avoid extremely tall candy jars because they may be too tall for young kids to reach. But if you have to use such jars, then place filler candy at the bottom of the jars to make it easy for your guests to reach the sweets. Always use containers with a wide mouth so that your guests can easily reach the candy without tipping over the containers.

5. Get the Right Tools for the Candy Buffet

For your guests to enjoy nostalgic candy, you’ll need to have different necessary candy handling accessories such as tongs and scoops to make it easy to enjoy your candy buffet. It isn’t hygienic to pick candy by using bare hands. As such, you should get disposable wrappers, tongs, and scoops that can help your guests to scoop out or handle candy.

Nostalgic candy buffets and parties are great if part of your audience will consist of a large number of kids. The U.S consumes an estimated 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate per year. The fact implies that each person consumes an average of 11 pounds of chocolate per year. Be part of this candy world and create a stunning candy buffet by following the tips cited in this post. But remember, there is room to get more creative, and you only need to get imaginative to do so.

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