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Add Some Pizzazz To Your Next Home Cooked Meal!


Petite green

Are you looking for a way to put some pizazz in your home cooking? Or perhaps you just want to learn more about more technical cooking methods? Whatever your reason might be there are dozens of ways to achieve your goal. One way is to begin incorporating microgreens and edible flowers. Both of these items are both delicious and interesting, both things that your dinner guests are sure to love! Below are a few more details about the uses for microgreens and edible flowers:

Microgreens – Microgreens have been around for close to 30 years, and have been soaring in popularity recently. There are dozens of micro green varieties, but they are typically all used for two main things: enhancing both the visual and flavor components of food, especially at fine dining establishments. Many chefs use the various micro green varieties as accent colors when plating because of their bright vivid greens and sometimes red hues, while other chefs prefer the spicy, peppery flavor that they add to the dish itself. The good news is that you do not have to be a world class chef in a fine dining restaurant to use microgreens; you can use them in the comfort of your own kitchen to liven up any dish you might choose to serve.

Edible Flowers – Did you know that there are around 100 types of common garden flowers that are completely safe to eat and actually taste good? Many people are either unaware of this or uneasy about eating a flower. The truth is that chefs all around the world use edible flowers the same way they use micro green varieties: to improve both plating design and flavor of their dishes.

The fact is that more people than ever are visiting upscale restaurants. In fact, the number of Americans that dined in upscale restaurants was up nearly 5% over the past year. That means that there were millions more Americans eating in fine dining establishments. It is hard to not be inspired after eating some of these incredible meals, and it is not surprising that many diners go home wanting to cook like the chefs that just cooked for them. Using microgreens and edible flowers at home can help you achieve that dream.

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