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How To Create A Successful Ice Cream Shop



While it may be getting cold now, never let it be said ice cream knows how to go out of fashion. This delectable treat has remained consistently popular not just throughout the ages, but throughout the seasons, finding its way into the homes and hearts of millions of Americans without fail. Ice cream cups and custom dessert supplies, as a result, are seeing a steady increase in sales over the years as more and more people turn to ice cream during the holidays, parties and movie nights.

How Many People Eat Ice Cream?

Ice cream has remained one of the most popular desserts, if not the most popular, for decades. Studies by the NPD Group have shown that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream within any given two-week period, with this number spiking during special events and holidays. Overall? The average American will consume ice cream almost 30 times in a single year!

How Many Ice Cream Stores Are There?

This popularity has greatly influenced the frozen yogurt shops and supply chains across the United States. After all, there’s no ice cream without ice cream cups or tasting spoons! The end of 2013 saw an estimated 2,580 frozen yogurt stores peppered across the country. According to a recent survey conducted by the International Ice Cream Association, vanilla is the most popular flavor. Other flavors have remained commonly requested, such as strawberry, chocolate, sorbet and pistachio. Japan, even now, is known for its more unconventional flavors like green tea, peach and red bean.

Where Did Ice Cream Come From?

Ice cream has been found in countless cultures throughout the ages, making our love for sweets truly part of the human condition! From ancient China to various Middle Eastern countries, ice cream has taken the form of sweetened ice, milk mixed with rice and even melted fruit. Traditional storage rooms have been uncovered to reveal entire basements dedicated to preserving and making ice cream. Little known fact — June is the month that most ice cream is produced!

What Are Necessary Ice Cream Supplies?

Ice cream doesn’t reach its full potential without the aid of smart and useful supplies. Colored spoons add some much needed decorum to the store at large, while ice cream cups are useful if customers aren’t interested in more conventional cones or waffle bowls. Ice cream takes many forms, as well, and some find themselves preferring different methods — gelato contains around 8% milkfat and 30% air, while mainstream ice cream has less milkfat and nearly 50% air after the churning process. Knowing this, it’s easy to see what makes selling ice cream such a fun process.

What Makes A Successful Ice Cream Shop?

A successful ice cream shop needs to establish the basics to ensure a fun and satisfied experience for the customer. After all, eating ice cream is just as much about socializing and creating fond memories as it is satisfying a sweet tooth! Using tasting spoons and ice cream cups will give your client base more convenient ways of buying their favorite treat, while stocking plenty of flavors will ensure people are regularly satisfied. There are nearly two billion gallons of ice cream produced in the United States alone. You can be rest assured you’ll never be at a loss for your favorite cold dessert!

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