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Benefits of a High Capacity Water Dispenser


Employees need clean drinking water, not just for the hot summer months, but year round. If your office water cooler is on its last legs, and the refrigerator and tap don’t seem like viable options, it could be time to look into a new water cooler service to keep employees (and you) hydrated.

A lot of water coolers and office water dispensers are marketed as “high capacity,” but what does that mean, anyway? Think of it this way: if the standard office water cooler has a five gallon blue water bottle, high capacity water dispensers are generally stand-alone appliances that hold anywhere from six to twenty gallons of water at a time. That’s enough for a small-to-medium sized business and then some.

High capacity dispensers offer a great bottleless water cooler solution that causes less harm to the planet and still gives your employees access to advanced filtration. Bottled water consumption increases by ten percent annually, and that bottled water isn’t even guaranteed to be fresh. Nestle recently settled in a class-action lawsuit finding that its “Poland Spring Water” was full of microplastics, and the average Brita filter can have 10,000 times the amount of bacteria as tap water.

The average person in the United States drinks almost 40% more water than they did 15 years ago, so it’s worthwhile to have a water filtration system that can service a lot of people and ensure that they stay healthy. Having a hydrated workforce can boost productivity and makes employees feel cared for. Compared to the other perks that employees may ask for, such as a communal ping pong table or office keg, a nice commercial water dispenser is an easy concession to make.

Be sure to ask your water cooler service provider about the quality of their product and the certifications their filters have. Infection and disease can spread quickly in an office space if water quality is compromised, and you’ll want to invest in a product that will keep water clean, require little maintenance, last for a long time, and leave a small countertop footprint.

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