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Benefits of Cooking With Pollen


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The health benefits of pollen are remarkable. Many herbs and spices have antiviral and antibacterial properties, boosting your immune system and giving you different kinds of vitamins. Benefits of fennel specifically include a high amount of Vitamin C and fiber within the fennel bulb, improving functionality within your immune system and reducing cholesterol. A tea can even be made from bruised fennel seeds that not only tastes great but also reduces symptoms caused by digestive issues.

Cooking with pollen has become an increasingly popular trend. While pollen has been used as an ingredient for ages, it has only been receiving more attention since the late 90s. Once you’ve found some good pollen recipes, you’ll be sure to always keep pollen in the pantry for quick and regular access.

Fennel pollen superbly enhances the other flavors in the dish, making them pop even more. Dill spices are much more potent and add an original and incredible flavor to the meal. Fennel and dill pollen can be used in a wide variety of recipes: meats, breads, pasta, salads and even as an asset to vegetarian dishes.

When cooking with pollen there are a few tips that will greatly enhance your cooking experience. If you’re looking for a tasty fennel pollen recipe you can find many places online that offer fantastic ideas along with tips from seasoned chefs. This is a great asset to those new to cooking with fresh dill pollen and fennel pollen.

While fennel is often used in cooking and loved around the world, fennel pollen is not as widely known. However, fennel pollen has the most flavor of any form of fennel, enhancing dishes and surrounding ingredients. The flavor of fennel pollen has the ability to transform greatly depending on each dish, and is subtle but delicious.

Dill pollen is a dry herb. When cooking with dill pollen it is good to remember that allowing dry herbs to sit maximizes the flavor of the dish, as it is able to steep into the food, creating a delectable taste.

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