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Don’t Throw That Office Party Or Sweet Sixteen Without These Essential Tips


Chocolate fondue fountain rentals

What makes a memorable party? Well, we can always start with the basics — don’t waste your money! When you’ve got dozens (or hundreds) of guests to attend to, all with their own appetites and interests, the last thing you want is your wallet feeling the pain at the end of the day. Unnecessary stress can be easily avoided, whether it’s when you’re buying chiavari chair covers, chocolate fountain arrangements or event tent rentals to pad out your occasion and make it truly something special. If you have a baby shower you’re throwing for a friend or a birthday party planned for your daughter, look below to pick up some useful tips on throwing the successful event of the year!

Weddings And Baby Showers

Let’s start off with one of the most beloved celebrations — weddings! The average wedding has 136 guests, which means you’ll have your work cut out for you when crafting the buffet, designing outfits and sending out invitations. Why not rent some supplies to go easy on your budget? Dance floor rentals can be sought out if you’re looking to round out your wedding with a good old-fashioned dance party, though event tent rentals can be used if you’re concerned about the weather. Studies have shown over 38% of weddings having a buffet, with another 34% preferring sit-down dinners.

Birthday Parties And Sweet Sixteens

Got a birthday party coming up? Never fear! Check out the benefits of renting bounce houses — they’re incredibly fun, easy to install and can get out the kids’ pent-up energy before it’s time to eat and open presents. What’s not to love? Sweet sixteens are known for being popular celebrations, with countless families pulling out the red carpet for their childrens’ once-in-a-lifetime event. Chiavari chair covers do the double work of providing a visual splash to your set-up while preventing the chairs from food stains and scratches. Seek out christmas lights or fountains to give your birthday its own unique flourish.

Buffets And Dinner Parties

Last, but not least, we have ye olde average buffets and dinner parties. If you want to throw your co-workers a fun event after a long work week, there are a plethora of rental spaces you can sign up for to ensure your night of fun isn’t interrupted. Chocolate fountain dipping ideas can be one of the most enjoyable (and tasty!) ways of getting the party started, with rental houses offering a wide selection for whatever budget or set-up you have in mind. If alcohol is involved, make sure to have a designated driver or taxi service readily available at the end of the night!

Do’s And Don’ts

The best party takes the time and care to avoid common pitfalls before the event goes down. Renting does wonders for both your budget and peace of mind, as the majority of rental companies offer warranties to cover any damages done to the products in question. No fussing over spills anymore! Chiavari chair covers can offer a range of beautiful colors and patterns to your event, as well, and can be picked up in lieu of hiring a designer if you so choose. Last, but not least, you should keep a schedule on your person so nobody gets confused throughout the day.

Setting Up Your Party

Now that you’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to set up an event to remember. Most weddings are outdoor occasions now, so remember to have tent rentals on standby in case of any weather mishaps. You can rent tables and chairs, too, and keep your wallet happy even when dealing with dozens of guests. A 40×80 foot pole tent can take around four and a half hours to build, perfect for children of all ages. If you’re in the decorative spirit, chiavari chair covers and accessories can be the compliment you’ve been looking for. With all these options at your disposal, it’s hard to know where to start! What’s your party going to look like?

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