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The Art of Selling More Ice Cream and Ice Cream Products


Ice cream cups

Summer is finally here and the weather is warm and sunny. People are enjoying the summer temperatures by getting outdoors and participating in summer activities. Ice cream is a popular outdoor treat that follows many outdoor summer activities nicely. Ice cream shops make a lot of their business during these summer months, and grocery stores and other convenience stores sell a lot of inventory of ice cream and ice cream supplies. Consumers who are shopping for ice cream are also looking for the supplies that are needed to consume their ice cream. With the high demand for ice cream during the summer months, customers are spending a lot of money and purchasing a lot of gelato cup and other needed ice cream supplies.

In any given 2 week period, according to research by NPD Group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. That is a lot of ice cream and ice cream supplies like a gelato cup and drink cups being sold. Grocery and convenience stores should take advantage of the warm summer weather during these months and encourage their customers to purchase their ice cream supplies from their store. Firstly, they should ensure that their store is carrying the best brands and flavors of ice cream and the most durable and convenient of ice cream supplies. Cups for ice cream should be sturdy and durable. It is also beneficial if they are made from recycled materials. A gelato cup should follow many of the same standards. People do not enjoy when ice cream drips and makes a mess and it could prevent customers from purchasing a certain brand on their next shopping trip.

The average American will consume ice cream 28.5 times this year. That is a lot of ice cream and ice cream supplies that will be needed per family. A gelato cup is generally only enough of a serving size for one individual and an entire box will be needed or more for a family. A grocery store can also encourage additional sales of their ice cream and ice cream supply products by creating a summertime ice cream stand. Customers will see the supplies upon entering the store and will have ice cream on their mind. They can purchase their supplies, such as the gelato cup and the colored spoons for ice cream from the display and then make their way to the frozen coolers for the ice cream treats or the frozen yogurt. This is a great way to encourage additional sales of customers who are shopping in your store anyway.

With 90% of U.S. households regularly indulging in a sweet, frozen treat, ice cream is very popular and in high demand. The warm summer temperatures encourage people to eat more ice cream and they will need ice cream treats and ice cream supplies to do so. A grocery or convenience store that wants to push the sales of their ice cream and ice cream supplies can ensure that they have quality products in their store and that the ice cream cups are strong and durable. They can also create summer weather displays that put the thought of ice cream into their customer?s minds, encouraging them to add ice cream to their shopping lists. Ice cream has always been and will always be a popular summer treat for all ages of people.

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