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Ice Cream Cups with Lids can Help You Appeal to a Wider Audience


Frozen yogurt

Did you know that within any two-week period, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream according to research conducted by the NPD Group, which is a leader in retail market research. According to recent studies, the average American will eat ice cream over 28 times throughout the year. The obsession with ice cream in the United States has led to an onslaught of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops opening up in all corners of the county.

As of the end of 2013, there was an estimated 2.582 frozen yogurt shops throughout the country. This doesn’t take into account frozen treat shops that aren’t classified as frozen yogurt or frozen treat shops that are set up in amusement parks, stadiums, and other larger venues.

There are roughly 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen desert products made in the United States every year, which makes sense since research shows that 90% of U.S. households regularly eat frozen treats. Also understandable, June is the month when the most ice cream is produced.

For ice cream and frozen yogurt vendors, it is essential to the success of the business to capitalize on the marketable seasons to promote business and drive sales up. Understanding your target market and catering to them is vital.

One key thing ice cream and frozen yogurt shops can do is provide ice cream cups with lids. When many people think about going out for ice cream, they immediately think of the ice cream cone. However, it really isn’t the most popular choice due to their messiness and inability to travel well.

People that are getting their ice cream to go often prefer ice cream cups with lids. Parents that want to minimize mess also typically prefer ice cream cups with lids. Some may argue the ice cream cups aren?t as fun as the cones, but you can buy all sorts of fun dessert supplies to increase the attractiveness of of this option.

You can order colored spoons to coordinate with your brand. You can pull people in by offering free taste tests. Buying tasting spoons can make that an easy option. Aside from making sure your supplies are tailored to your audience, you also want to make sure you are providing the best quality product in your area.

According to the International Ice Cream Association, vanilla is still the most preferred flavor. Gelato is also growing in preference due to its thick and creamy texture. Typical ice cream contains over 50% air once it is churned. Gelato only contains 25 to 30% air, so it is significantly thicker and creamier. Gelato also contains 3 to 8% milk fat, which adds significantly to the texture and smoothness of the treat.

Ice cream is such a popular treat that over 9% of all the milk produced in the United States goes to the production of ice cream and other frozen treats. For many Americans, the local ice cream stand is a mainstay of their summer. It is somewhere to go as a family, to celebrate, or just to enjoy a warm summer evening.

Providing helpful products like ice cream cups with lids, tasting spoons, disposable ice cups, ice cream containers for to-go orders, and even ice cream party supplies can increase sales by making the customers happy with your accommodations. If you aren?t sure what products your customers really want, take a small survey. Start talking to your customers as they enjoy their treats or while they are ordering. If you have a social media presence, you can ask through social media. Customers are often very happy to share their opinions.

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