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The Craft Beer Revolution


Historic eateries

As pubs, historic eateries and bar catering services turn towards popular craft beers, a silent revolution is taking place. It’s best described as a bloodless revolution. Or a glorious one. Whatever you choose to call it, beer and burgers nowadays have been transformed into healthy, flavorful and even gourmet offerings. The craft beers are produced by local, independent breweries in small batches. Often, they are flavored to match the seasons and to take advantage of the fresh produce locally available.
The burgers too are made from grass-fed, antibiotic-and growth-hormone free beef, and extraordinarily delicious. All in all, the idea of beef and burgers has been redefined, though the purpose has not. That is still to spend a congenial evening with friends, savoring food, drink, music, sports and good company.

Craft beers are a new favorite
Craft beers have quickly become a hit with the beer-drinking public, who have pushed sales to $19.6 billion annually. Beer drinkers are an adventurous lot, and like to discover new flavors. And with craft beers there are plenty of these. The flavors also vary with season, and 84% of craft beer drinkers are in favor or choosing beers according to the time of the year.
Following these preferences, bars and bar catering services have stocked up on local craft beers. These are often discounts for Happy Hour, to give customers a chance to sample new tastes.

A new spin on an old favorite
A glass of cold beer is still a favorite beverage for many. A 2014 survey found that 41% of all adults picked beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage. For the 18-34 age group, an even higher percentage, at 48%, said that it was their favorite alcoholic drink.
Why are craft beers so popular? First of all, there’s the taste, which is unique and individual to each brewery. It is produced in small batches, so it is always fresh. It’s also local, which contributes to the freshness of the taste. Craft beers also have a higher alcohol content by volume, ranging from 5 to 10% alcohol by volume or ABV.

The burger redefined
Burgers too are an American favorite and are eaten on average 4.3 times a month. That’s just over one per week. What has changed is the quality of the meat. As many as 75% of burger eaters said that the quality of the beef was the first or second most important thing about a burger, according to a 2009 survey. Another 42% said that toppings were the first or second most important thing.

More and more bars and bar catering services are offering healthy choices that are also delicious. This means that customers get burgers made from grass-fed, humanely-raised beef, that does not contain any artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Not surprisingly, this change for the better has received an enthusiastic response from consumers.

With craft beers and gourmet burgers, bars and bar catering services are trying to match consumers’ choices for a healthy, flavorful spin on an old favorite. The taste has changed, but the goal of brining together friends over food and drink remains the same.

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