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Facts On Food Sealing Machines


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Companies in the United States that work to seal food and food packaging are some of the most important companies in the country. While it may seem silly to think, these types of companies play heavily into the treatment of the environment with whether or not they properly recycle the materials that they use. These types of companies are relied upon, to be honest, and ethical with what they do with their premade pouch filling machines and food sealing machines.

Even though these companies and are their actions are incredibly important, it is safe to say that the average American knows very little about food sealing machines and the companies that use them. This is because most people are not interested in food sealing machines and how they are used to package food, but most Americans should be deeply invested in what these companies do. Here are the facts on food sealing machines and the companies that use them.

Right now, over half of all the people in the world will make their purchases and decisions based on the packaging that comes from a company. This is because many people really value the idea that they are buying an item from a company that is working to make a positive social and environmental impact. Companies that use food sealing machines are some of the companies that people look to for a positive environmental impact.

Most experts in the field of packaging food believe that every pound of plastic packaging used can help to reduce food waste by up to 2 pounds. This is because just 2 pounds of plastic can help to deliver 1,300 ounces, or 10 gallons, of a liquid such as juice, soda, or even water. In order to bring home the same amount of product, you would need 3 pounds of aluminum, 8 pounds of steel, or over 40 pounds of glass.

That is a prime example of why food sealing machines that use plastic as a packaging material are so important. Food packaging equipment and packaging machines that work to use plastic as opposed to any other material are essential in order to help protect the environment and to get the best results for the environment that people need to take care of.

Since the year of 1977, the average plastic soft drink bottle that is the size of 2-liter’s has gone from weighing nearly 68 grams to almost 47 grams today. This shift equates to a 31% reduction in size per bottle and has helped save more than 180 million pounds of packaging in 2006 for these bottle sizes. Sealers that are used as vacuums can help preserve and keep food good almost 5 times longer than food stored inside of plastic bags or containers.

There are three main groups of metallic containments that can be found in food but will be detected by a food metal detectors. These types of contaminants can include Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Stainless Steel Detection. Cold temperatures are a way to keep dangerous bacteria from growing and multiplying. A fridge should be no higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a freeze should be no higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whenever a normal metal detector is properly used with a wet or conductive product where there are almost 3.5 millimeters of stainless steel, an X-ray can also help to detect any size of metal that is 1.5 millimeters or less which helps to improve food safety. Just about 60% of all people in the United States have access to a recycling program that recycles plastic, which equates to about 148 million people.

In Conclusion

Each year there are over 48 million people that get sick from foodborne diseases. This leads to 128,000 people ending up in the hospital and nearly 3,000 people dying as well. Food packaging companies are trying to work harder than ever before to curb these numbers by using food sealing machines and other types of methods to protect food from dangerous and deadly bacteria. They work to keep food as fresh as possible so that it can reach consumers without going bad.

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