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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Caterers


Good caterers

Sometimes, planning your wedding can feel like stepping into an entirely different world. This new world of vendors and caterers can overwhelm even the most excited and organized couple. When it comes to something as important as the food at your wedding, you do not want to risk having catering that disappoints. Knowing more about the catering business can help to make sure you not only find good caterers, but you have the wedding meal of you dreams. The following five tips about the catering business will help you in your search for the perfect caterer.
1) More than Just Food One thing that lots of people don’t realize about the catering business is that caters can also be in charge of things like table arrangements, decor, and how food is presented. when you start your search, you will want to think about what potential gaps in your planning you would like a caterer to fill and pick a business accordingly.
2) Consider Your Location An important consideration any time you use professional catering services is where your event will be. If you are getting married in a rural location, expect some higher costs. Since many rural locations don’t have the kind of kitchen equipment necessary for the caterer to prepare things on site, they have to transport things in, which adds up in costs passed on to you. Also, keep in mind to make sure that you find a good caterer that is knowledgeable about how to comply with the food safety regulations in whatever location your wedding will be.
3) Go Green Another good tip about the catering business is to know that they are becoming increasingly adept at satisfying the demand to have organic and sustainable food. Many weddings today have at least one “green” course that features this type of food. It will not be off base to ask your caterer to do the same, but keep in mind this could result in high costs.
4) Don’t Expect to Keep the Leftovers No matter how good the food is, for most catered events you should not expect to keep the leftovers. Unless you are able to arrange a special clause in your contract, you will not be packing up huge amounts of remaining food at the end of the night. If you do want to do this, keep in mind that it is not typical practice for outside catering services so you will be need to be flexible.
5) Be Unique Because caterers work for so many different events, they have a keen insight into what is trending at weddings. They can give you a sample of a menu for a wedding reception, which you can use to either inspire your own choices or to help make sure you pick things that set you apart. Either way, your caterer’s expertise will be invaluable.
Remember: The goal for your wedding day should be to feel like all of your vendors are on your team to make your big day a success. With a little knowledge about the catering business, you can be sure to pick the perfect caterer for your perfect day.

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