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Holiday cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Cookies are a nearly-universal delicacy and they have been around for a while. Cookies as we understand them originated in the Middles Ages. According to tradition, cookies were at first used as “test” cakes. That is, a small amount of cake batter — flour, sugar, eggs, milk, etc. — would be put in the oven first in order to test the temperature. Since then, they have gradually become more common in desert cuisine to the point that the cookie is a treat enjoyed by people around the world. The word “cookie” itself is derived from the Dutch “keokje” (“little cake”)!

Though much has changed since the Medieval Ages, cookies has essentially stayed the same. There may be several different flavors, shapes, and sizes than since they were first baked, the cookie in the end always crumbles the same way. Americans in particular love their cookies, consuming two billion cookies every year. That is 300 cookies for each American!

Nowadays, one of the latest innovations in the cookie industry have been cookie delivery companies. Cookie delivery companies deliver fresh, gourmet cookies right to your doorstep. Gourmet cookies for delivery are reasonably priced and can compliment many social gatherings and events. Cookies are great, for example, as a corporate business gift or a get-well gift. Gourmet cookies can also be served as a desert. Your momma’s cookies, though classic, are not the only cookie in town. From cinnamon swirl to marshmellow cookies, gourmet cookies can even be served in more formal events such as wedding receptions and bar-mitzvahs. In fact, heart cookies (cookies in the shape of the heart), lemon bars, peanut butter surprises, and pecan tassies are some of the most popular gourmet cookies served in wedding receptions!

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